Mini Golf Club Unblocked

Mini Golf Club

Mini Golf Club Unblocked

Mini Golf Club Unblocked is a very fun simulation game. Enjoy playing epic golf matches and score the highest points in each level. Use your skills in playing golf and hitting the ball to put it in the hole with the least number of strokes. Immerse yourself in global tournaments and face other players from around the world in the multiplayer PVP mode. Enjoy 3D graphics, a multi-view camera, and unique realistic details within the gameplay.

About Mini Golf Club

Mini Golf Club Online is one of the sports games that you have never tried before. Golf is an exciting and exciting game that millions of people around the world love. Despite the widespread saying that golf is only for the rich. But there are many centers, gatherings, game cities, and even parks that include golf courses. Therefore, you will find many fans of this game, and each of them has his own skills and abilities while playing.

Accordingly, if you want to simulate this game in a legendary gameplay that is unparalleled. Then play Mini Golf Club. The game includes all the realistic details of the sport of glove with HD graphics and a wide view from all sides of the court. In addition to many levels to complete. If you are familiar with the rules of glove games, this game will be perfect for you. At first, it will be simple and easy. But gradually you will be accepted to more difficult matches.

There are 5 main game modes to choose from. Moreover, challenge other players in multiplayer PVP matches to show off your skills. Also, practice kicking the ball and create a new style to score points. Not only that, but customize accessories such as balls, rackets, jumps, and others. The game was developed by “Obumo Games”. Also, play Mini Golf Club online easily through your browser at any time.

Mini Golf Club Advantages


The game contains many challenges to complete. Your mission is to put the ball in the hole with the least number of strokes. But there is a wide variety of slopes, turns, tunnels, slopes, jumps, sand traps, special boosters, and gates. So apply your tactics and skills in kicking the ball to complete all levels.


As mentioned above, the game includes 5 different game modes. For example, play the tournament mode and explore 9 different holes in a set of ready-made courses. Also, practice your skills in the practice mode. Or split the screen in versus mode to compete against 4 other players at the same time. Not to mention the PVP online mode to challenge your friends in real-time.


One of the best features of Mini Golf Club is the amazing graphics design within the game. Where you can enjoy the real effects of golf and the natural scenery around you. In addition to 3D graphics, various courses, and different playing environments. Simply, you will live an experience you have never lived before while playing golf.

How To Play Mini Golf Club?

First, you should know that the game includes easy control options and a user interface familiar to everyone. In addition to simple and intuitive instructions. You will find an indicator at the bottom left of the screen to know the strength of the ball hit. You can also point the arrow using the mouse until the indicator reaches the ideal point. Also, change the view using C keys. You can also use the arrow keys to look around you.


  • Great simulation game.
  • Epic golf matches.
  • 5 game modes.
  • Challenge your friends.
  • Realistic details.
  • HD graphics.

Release Date

October 2021


Obumo Games


  1. Drag the left mouse button to shoot the ball.
  2. Arrow keys to look around.
  3. Mouse wheel down to (Zoom Out /In).
  4. C to change camera mode.