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Retro Goal

Retro Goal Unblocked

Retro Goal Unblocked is a very fun 90s-style football game. Choose your favorite team and immerse yourself in exciting football matches. Learn new skills and apply your tactics during the match to win against your opponents. Score as many goals as possible, participate in international tournaments and get more achievements. Develop performance through job placement. Plus, allocate players and upgrade abilities. This game includes classic 16-bit graphics. In addition to a very smooth and enjoyable gameplay.

About Retro Goal

Retro Goal Online is a great sports game that you can play through your browser. Football is the sport that inspires developers to provide the most popular video games ever. The popularity of football makes it the most popular game on many different operating systems such as PlayStation, PC, Android, iOS, and others. Companies compete with each other to always provide the best. The most famous of these companies that design a new version every year are FIFA and eFootball. However, there are some simple, classic games that do not require a lot of techniques or skills to play.

Retro Goal is one of the most prominent of these games. The game includes simple and interesting gameplay and skills that are easy to master. Moreover, practice different styles and tactics through training mode in order to benefit from new skills. There are 500 different teams within the game. In addition to 24 of the strongest bands in the nineties. Plus the strong national teams at that time. Choose your favorite football team and it will be your starting lineup before every match.

After that, you will undergo an educational program to learn the basics of the game and master new skills. You will learn more about control options. Not only that, but manage a team and main lists. Plus customize players and upgrade skills after each match. Moreover, the game includes main game modes to choose from. Retro Goal was developed by New Star Games. This game is supported by many platforms including HTML5.

How To Play Retro Goal?

Retro Goal includes an educational program before you start playing, which will show you how to play and how to master your own skills. For example, you will learn to pass the ball between players, shoot, and apply defense and attack strategies, free kicks, and more. As is usual in football games, the control options will not be relatively easy. It takes some time to master the different skills and methods to apply them in each match.

Retro Goal Advantages

Choose Your Team

There are hundreds of strong teams that you can choose from before starting to play. For example, you can choose from European teams such as France, England, and Germany. In addition to 25 of the strongest bands that became famous in the nineties of the last century.

Develop Your Skills

Every player has his own style of playing football. Therefore, you can develop your skills and upgrade the different abilities of players by raising the level. Also customize players, accessories, kits, and other items. In addition to appointing stars, professionals, and enthusiasts who will lead you to victory.

Game Modes

The job mode is one of the main modes on Retro Goal. Which allows you to control the transfer market, stadium upgrades, youth academy, training facilities, modify statistics, and other options. In addition to the tournament mode, you can choose the tournament you want to participate in.


As we mentioned above, the game includes 2D graphics of a classic nature. However, you will enjoy exciting gameplay and epic matches. In addition to an exciting atmosphere and attractive gameplay effects.


  • Epic matches.
  • 500 different teams.
  • World Championships.
  • Develop your team.
  • Employment status.
  • Main menus.
  • Customization.
  • Great graphics.
  • Easy control options.


New Star Games

Release Date

June 23, 2021


  1. Press the arrow keys to move.
  2. A to shoot the ball.
  3. B to pass (pass).
  4. A + B to kick the heel (heel up).
  5. C to shoot short (short kick).

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