Bob the Robber 2 Unblocked

Bob the Robber 2

Bob the Robber 2 Unblocked

Bob the Robber 2 Unblocked is a fun action game. Where you can immerse yourself in a new risky adventure of stealing and looting. Get endless money and solve puzzles. Complete tasks and interact with objects around you. Avoid traps, surveillance devices, and guards.

Explore the different floors and complete the challenge on each floor. This game includes amazing cartoon graphics. In addition to a fun gameplay and a familiar user interface. Get ready now for this journey and enjoy playing online through our website.

Introduce Bob the Robber 2

Bob the Robber 2 Online is one of the adventure games that will bring you a lot of fun. Puzzle games of this type are considered one of the most entertaining means that include a real challenge and interesting gameplay. Therefore, it attracted the attention of millions of players from all over the world. Get ready to play the second part of this amazing series and immerse yourself in a new plot full of events and challenges. The game was published in 2013 and was developed by Meow Beast.

At present, the game is supported by many platforms, and you can play online easily. The game’s events revolve around the hero Bob. Who reads the latest newspapers and by chance finds that his city is in danger and needs help. But this help will be through theft. Yes, as you saw! Your main task in this game will be to complete tasks and steal money. There are many levels waiting for you.

You must use your own tactics and style to get past the guards and various surveillance devices on each floor. Also, interact with the items and characters of your choice. In each mission you will be required to have a goal. If you can reach your goal and complete the mission. Then you will move to a new, more difficult level. Don’t give a chance to the guards to catch you and start this risky journey.

How To Play?

This game is the second part of this series. So if you played the first part before, Bob the Robber 2 will be very familiar to you. Jump between different platforms and floors in order to complete your mission and achieve your goal. You must not be arrested by the guards. Bypass traps, obstacles, and other entities. Don’t forget that the next level will be more difficult. However, the control options in this game are easy and familiar to all players.


  • A risky adventure.
  • Complete the missions.
  • Steal unlimited money.
  • Avoid traps and guards.
  • Interact with everything around you.
  • Amazing cartoon graphics.
  • Easy control options.


  1. Use the AD keys or left/right to move.
  2. Space bar to knock out a guard.
  3. Up or down arrow to interact.

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