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Google Feud Unblocked

Google Feud Unblocked is a fun and entertaining educational game to spend your free time in something entertaining and useful at your own time. Enjoy guesses and questions and expect answers to each question. Each player has to guess the rest of the Google query, and 10 questions are given in the form of quizzes. When you start playing you can choose the category among 4 different categories in the middle of the screen.

Refine your intelligence through the questions and answer them, some of the answers will be shocking and strange, and sometimes funny. Also, each player has 3 guesses if he is having difficulty solving one of the questions. Nevertheless, the gameplay is available with easy controls, a useful main idea, a simple user interface, and ad-free.

About Google Feud Online

At the present time, there are many games that depend on the idea of questions and guesses, which are considered a great way to improve your mental abilities. In addition to refining your memory skills and enhancing intuitive speed. Also, such games are a perfect choice and alternative to educational programs and other intelligence questions games.

Based on that, you will find many famous guessing games that you may have played before. Google Feud is one such game. The game is developed by Justin Hook. In a short time, the game won the admiration of millions of users and became available on many different operating systems. The idea of playing depends on offering weapons based on the class you choose.

As the game contains 4 different categories. If you are having difficulty answering a riddle or question. Then you can choose to guess, since you have 3 guesses in each level. Google Feud is designed in a smooth way and simple design like the Google user interface as well. Moreover, share the game with family and friends and spend an entertaining and enjoyable time.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Google Feud Online?

Google Feud gameplay contains a real challenge with a set of questions and guesses. Each category within the game has a specific method for answering questions. Also, you will follow a regular pace in each level and a new challenge until you become a professional in the game, and below we will explain to you what you will do when you start playing:

Choose A Category

There are 4 main categories within the game, as mentioned above, for you to choose from. For example, you can choose the category of questions, people, culture, or names. In each round of the game, there are 3 guesses and one question. Accordingly, stay in the same category or choose a new category.


In this test, many answers will surprise, shock, and amuse you. Where you can learn what people are searching for and why. In addition to guessing characters and using queries. It will not be difficult at first, but it will not be easy to master it as you progress in the game.

Start Playing

When you start Google Feud, each correct guess will be awarded a number of points between 1,000 – 9,000, so you should think carefully about your choices. Because if you manage to answer 3 guesses incorrectly, the round will end and no points will be scored.


  • Shocking, strange, and funny answers at the same time.
  • Refine your mental skill and enhance your intuitive speed.
  • The difficulty of the challenge increases as you advance further.
  • 4 different classes to play.
  • Share the game with your friends and family.
  • Simple user interface.
  • Smooth control.
  • No ads.