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Bomb It Unblocked

Bomb It Unblocked is a very entertaining and fun casual game. Where you can explode fruits and food and get rewards, points, and upgrades. When you start playing, you will control one of the small anime-shaped characters. And you will move across the arena in order to plant mines and bombs to detonate all the elements around you.

Every time a new kiss will explode, you will get points and you will get closer to winning the level. Play individually or play with your friend in multiplayer mode. The most important features of the game are the beautiful graphics and rich effects while playing. Play Bomb It online and enjoy the best experience through our website.

About Bomb It

Bomb It Online is an arcade game of the Bomber Man type. Arcade games and casual games are some of the most popular games that bring fun and entertainment to everyone who wants to play them. Such games include simple and smooth gameplay, familiar control options, and plenty of challenges and different game levels for you to explore. Not only that, but there are types of these games that are among the most popular games on Android and iOS.

Bomb It was developed by Kafre, D.J. Tony Tone, and the game was published in 2007. At the present time and with the technical development of the world of video games and platforms. Then the game became available in HTML 5 format, and you can enjoy playing online through a browser. The game is also supported by many different operating systems.

When you start playing, your task will be to try to destroy the different items including fruits, vegetables, sandwiches, and other items. Sometimes you will get reinforcements from these items, and you will also get the highest points and rewards at the end of each challenge. Share the game with your friends in multiplayer mode and enjoy your time playing.

Video Gameplay

How To Play Bomb It Online?

There’s not much to say about how to play Bomb It. This game includes easy and familiar control options for all players. All you have to do is move the objects towards the different elements and squares to plant bombs and mines. Use the WASD keys to move and use the ruler bar to drop bombs. After a few seconds, the bomb will explode and destroy everything around it. Then you can get reinforcements and collect the largest possible number of points. Maybe it will be easy at first. But gradually the difficulty of the mission will increase and you will explore more and more difficult levels of play.


An entertaining and fun casual game.
Blow up all the items on the arena.
Plant bombs everywhere.
Collect as many points as possible.
Explore different gameplay levels.
Play with your friends.
Get boosts and rewards.
3 different difficulty levels.
Beautiful graphics.
Easy control options.

Single Player Controls

  • Space bar to drop bombs.
  • Use arrow keys to move.

2 Players Controls

  • Player 1 uses WASD to move and a space bar to drop bombs.
  • Player 2 uses arrow keys to move and enter to drop bombs.