Unblocked Unblocked is a very fun multiplayer casual game. Where you can enjoy the famous character Steve in the world of Minecraft. But this time you will explore a huge map while carrying your hammer to collect apples and other items. Also, create bombs and TNT to blow up your opponents.

In each level, detonate 6 TNT. Your main task is to destroy all your opponents and get the highest points. This game includes wonderful graphics, attractive effects, and easy control options. Play Crazy Steve io online through our website and get the best experience.

About Online is a fun action game that will lead you to fun and entertaining battles. This type of game is very popular and preferred by millions of players around the world. This game is inspired by the world of the famous Minecraft. Especially the main character in the game, the graphics, and the gameplay atmosphere. was developed by K&S Games and the game was published in 2018. Moreover, this game is supported by many platforms and you can enjoy playing it through your browser online. Grab your hammer and collect as many apples and red dots as possible to make TNT. You must make sure to be careful with your bombs and try to eliminate other players by surrounding and destroying them.

If you get more experience, you can increase your speed to become more effective on the map. It also includes a dynamic gameplay and many other creatures and animals in the arena. So prepare well to take on this challenge and destroy everything around you.

How To Play Online?

You will not need a lot of time to master the game. The game includes smooth gameplay and intuitive and easy control options. In all cases, you can use the left mouse button to throw TNT, as you can use the right mouse button to increase speed. Move around the map and collect red bombs to create explosives. Shoot fireball and use other weapons in all ways to kill rivals. Attack with a sword and bow and destroy all your enemies on the map to get reinforcements and rewards.


  • A very fun arcade game.
  • Destroy all your enemies on the map.
  • Make TNT.
  • Collect as many apples as possible.
  • Use a bow and sword to attack. Easy control options.
  • Great graphics.


  • Right-click to boost the speed.
  • Left-click to throw TNT.

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