Cat Ninja Unblocked

Cat Ninja

Cat Ninja Unblocked

Cat Ninja Unblocked is a very fun arcade game. Jump across platforms and corridors to explore magical energy crystals. Overcoming unexpected traps and obstacles. Jump across the slopes and slide to move to a new place. Move to an interesting world full of challenges and explore new game levels to complete. This game includes simple graphics, easy control options, and very entertaining gameplay.

About Cat Ninja

Cat Ninja Online is one of the casual games that will bring you a lot of fun. There are some simple games that will always change your mood for the better. Especially those games that are characterized by a classic nature and are familiar to all players. Because such games do not require a lot of skill. At the same time, enjoy your time after a hard day of work and during relaxing times.

If you want to live this experience with an exciting game. Then you can play Cat Ninja. This game features smooth and simple gameplay and a gameplay concept that includes classic arcade elements. All you have to do is run and dodge obstacles and barriers to reach the end of each challenge.

Not only that, but look for power-ups and legendary magic crystals. Use a combination of movements such as sprinting, jumping, double jumping, rolling, and aerial kicks. Which will save you from difficult situations. There are many challenges waiting for you. So you will never get bored of playing. Cat Ninja is available through the browser so you can enjoy playing online.

How To Play?

All you have to do is use WASD keys or the vas deferens keys to control the cat’s movement. Also double click on the up arrow to get a double jump. Avoid all obstacles and traps and explore a fantasy world. You must have quick reflexes in order not to fall. At the same time, use magic crystals to reveal more game secrets in each new level.


  • A very entertaining arcade game.
  • Great user interface.
  • Classic gameplay.
  • Overcoming obstacles and traps.
  • Easy control options.


Use the arrow keys or WASD keys to play.

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