Achievement Unlocked Unblocked
Achievement Unlocked
Achievement Unlocked Unblocked

Achievement Unlocked

Achievement Unlocked

Achievement Unlocked Unblocked is a very fun classic arcade game. Go through platforms and do random tasks that have nothing to do with anything. Avoid traps, saws, and sharp teeth and complete tasks to get more achievements. Confront bosses, defeat them, and get extra points. This game includes smooth and simple gameplay, and you can play online through our website to enjoy the best experience.

Introduce Achievement Unlocked

Achievement Unlocked Unblocked is one of the platform games that will bring you a lot of fun while playing. Classic games are one of the forms of entertainment that many people search for. Which represents a restoration of wonderful memories in the past when these games represented a revolution in the world of technology.

Nowadays, enjoy playing such games through many platforms, including your web browser. One of the most prominent of these games is Achievement Unlocked. Which was developed by Jmtb02 and the updated version was published in December 2008.

There is no main mission in this game. Unleash your skills to get achievements and perform random missions. You must avoid traps, obstacles, and confront bosses in order to win. Focus is the most important thing while playing so as not to lose your points. Start the challenge now and enjoy your time.

How To Play?

In front of you, you will find a familiar platform that includes a group of obstacles and paths. Your main task is to avoid traps and sharp teeth so as not to lose. At the same time, confront the bosses and defeat them in order to obtain more achievements. The more you complete new missions, the more points you get.


  • Classic arcade game.
  • Avoid traps and obstacles.
  • Complete random missions.
  • Confront the bosses and defeat them.
  • Easy user interface.
  • Intuitive control options.


Use the WASD keys or arrow keys to play.

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