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Crazy Roll 3D
Crazy Roll 3D

Crazy Roll 3D

Crazy Roll 3D Unblocked

Crazy Roll 3D Unblocked is one of the fun arcade platform games. Where you can control a beautiful ball that moves automatically forward through platforms, corridors, and beautiful colored squares. You will face many obstacles and slopes on your way. Must be more focused to pass the different levels of play.

Collect diamonds on your way and avoid the squares and traps that can run you over. The difficulty of the game levels will increase as you move forward. Enjoy beautiful graphics and great effects while playing. Start the challenge now and play Crazy Roll 3D online through our website and enjoy the best experience.

About Crazy Roll 3D

Crazy Roll 3D Online is a very entertaining and fun casual game. Classic arcade games are considered one of the most popular types of games that are still preferred by millions of players around the world. Not only that, but with the development of technology and the techniques of developing games and applications. Then it became possible to enjoy high-quality graphics and 3D designs while playing.

So if you are looking for an entertaining arcade game to spend a fun and entertaining time, then you can play Crazy Roll 3D. The game was developed by Casual Azur Games in 2019. Now the game is available on many platforms, and you can play online through any modern web browser you have. Your main task in the game is to control a ball that is pushed down a series of inclined and inclined platforms.

You will pass through many passages, platforms, obstacles, and traps. Must be faster in reaction to avoid obstacles in your way. You will explore many different game maps and new places. Get many gifts in a way such as diamonds x 2, magnets, and others. Start the challenge now and explore more different levels of play.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Crazy Roll 3D Online?

You will not need much time to start playing. As Crazy Roll 3D includes intuitive and easy-to-control gameplay. When you start playing, you will control one of the balls that are pushed down and automatically run forward. There are a lot of different shapes, designs, and elements that you will come across.

Collect diamonds in a way and use them to buy new upgrades. At the same time avoid different obstacles such as trampled squares, narrow paths, and other traps. Use the A key or the left and right arrow keys to steer and use keys 1, 2, and 3 for power-ups. Plus, use the touch screen if you are playing on mobile. Moreover, click on the * button to go to the main menu settings easily.


Cross Obstacles And Traps On Your Way

You will run across many different platforms and traps during the gameplay. As soon as you start playing, the ball will be automatically pushed forward and will be launched across the platforms and corridors. Control the path of the ball and collect coins on your way and bypass all obstacles. You will explore more and more challenging gameplay levels in each new challenge.

Get Power-ups

There are a lot of power-up items and different gifts that you will get to buy new upgrades in Crazy Roll 3D. For example, get a magnet and collect as many diamonds as possible. In addition to obtaining Touch X2, shields, and other gifts.

Graphics & Sound

The graphics are definitely one of the most creative features that the developer has added to this game. Where you can enjoy high-quality graphics and different designs in each level. In addition to beautiful visual and sound effects inside the gameplay. The game includes familiar control options and a clean user interface.


**You can change the sensitivity on the settings menu
Use 1, 2, or 3 keys to use power-ups
Press AD or left and right arrow keys to steer


  • Dash through corridors and platforms.
  • Slope and pass all obstacles.
  • Collect diamonds and gifts.
  • Explore the different levels of play.
  • Bought new upgrades.
  • High-quality graphics.
  • Easy control.