Cubefield Unblocked

Cubefield Unblocked is one of the simple and very fun running games. Where you can test your ability to overcome obstacles and run quickly through cubes and beautiful colored squares. The game is very simple, but it will bring you a lot of fun and entertainment while playing. Gradually, the speed of the arrow will increase, and it will suddenly appear on the screen as squares. So use your skills and your intuitive speed to pass all the cubes and win every challenge.

The game is designed in a simple and beautiful style with great music effects and smooth controls. Also, there is a great variety in the colors of the cubes around you, and this will reflect on your impression while playing, to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Play Cubefield online through our website and explore the most difficult levels and have fun.

About Cubefield

Cubefield 3D Online is one of those simple arcade games that will help you get rid of daily stress. Such games have the wonderful ability to make you enjoy an enjoyable leisure time and feel relaxed while playing. Not to mention that running games are one of the most popular games and are preferred by millions around the world. Although the design of the game is simple and not like the running games you are used to before.

But Cubefield will bring you a lot of fun while playing. You may have tried Subway or Run 3 before. But now you are about to enjoy a new game of the same genre with great challenges. The game was developed by YoArcade, and in a short time the game won the admiration of players around the world. Now you can enjoy playing online through any modern browser.

Your task in Cubefield is to bypass the cubes and colored squares around you. At the beginning of the game it will be easy to move left and right. But at higher levels, the game plan will increase, and obstacles and cubes will multiply around you. So use your intuitive speed to avoid collisions and win each level. Start the challenge now and enjoy playing through our platform.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Cubefield Online?

I think you do not need to explain how to play Cubefield full screen. As the game is very simple and easy. All you have to do is move left or right to avoid collisions and colored cubes in the way. So you can use the left and right keys on your keyboard. Also, you can use P key to pause. Your playing experience will gradually increase, so in turn the difficulty of the task will increase. The cubes are denser and the passages become narrower.

So you will forget the world around you and focus a lot on the game in order to bypass the corridors and colored squares and proceed to the end of the level in peace. Challenge yourself at the beginning of each level to get a higher score than the last score you got. Enjoy simple gameplay, explore the various levels of play, and start the challenge now.


  • Great classic arcade game.
  • Run and pass through narrow lanes.
  • Avoid collisions with colored cubes.
  • Move to the right and left to escape.
  • Explore the different levels of the game.
  • Attractive effects.
  • Beautiful graphics.
  • Easy control.