Unblocked Unblocked is a fun and immersive IO game to have fun while playing. Where you can control one of the helicopters and launch freely on the battlefield to shoot your opponents. At the same time, you can build walls and towers, expand your kingdom, and destroy your opponents’ bases.

This game is very interesting and mixes a variety of different gameplay elements in the same gameplay. The game also includes great graphics and beautiful colors. Plus easy and familiar control options for all players. There are 3 main game modes that you can choose from. Along with many different levels of play. Play online now through our website and start the battle.

About Online is an amazing building and flying game that will make you play one of the best IO games. Classic and simple building games have a special taste and include fun and addictive gameplay. But what do you think that the elements of shooting, building, and flying are mixed in the same gameplay? Yes, through, you can live an exceptional experience with IO games and indulge in many different challenges while playing.

The game is developed by Exodragon Games (Florent) in 2018. Moreover, is supported by many platforms and operating systems. As well as play online easily through your browser. You will start the game by flying over the battlefield, building walls and towers, and defending them from the attacks of your enemies. At the same time, you must destroy your opponents’ bases and shoot at other planes.

In the beginning, the game levels will be relatively easy, and the difficulty will gradually increase. Unlock more superpowers once you reach level 20. The game also includes a customization system to upgrade the plane. Plus 3 different game modes. Start playing now and explore more of the game’s other great features.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Online?

When you start playing, you will launch into one of the vast maps to build your own kingdom. Control all directions freely and build towers and walls around your kingdom. The style of play depends on the use of defense and attack tactics, whether shooting at your opponents or dodging strikes and protecting your bases. You can use WASD keys to move in all directions. Also, use A button and Shift to use the superpower.

There are 3 different game modes within the game, such as PVP, Defuse, and Games. If you play team mode you can join 8 different teams with assorted colors blue, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, dark green, and sky blue. Plus PVP mode to enjoy epic multiplayer battles. Also, explore more than 30 different levels while playing and enter many different challenges. Start the battle now and start the largest base and destroy all your enemies with your helicopter.


Fly /Build Towers And Walls

You can fly with your helicopter and build and expand different walls and towers. In addition to shooting your opponents and destroying bases and controlling their lands. Impose your own style and use your tactics while playing. Gain as much XP as possible to upgrade your plane.

Game Modes contains different game modes such as PVP, Defuse, and Games. In PvP mode, you can face 6 to 8 different teams in epic battles. Defuse mode, each team must protect their explosive site. In PvP each player must try to cover as much of the map as possible.

Explore New Levels

When you reach level 20 you can use the full power of your plane and all the game options. Moreover, Defly io includes 32 different levels so that you will never get tired of playing it. There are a lot of different maps and new setting in every new level in the game. The difficulty of the mission will increase as you advance to new levels.


Graphics is one of the beautiful features inside Deflyio, which is designed in a simple and wonderful style. Where you can enjoy simple graphics, beautiful colors, variety, and classic gameplay with modern and modern technologies to play. The game includes an easy user interface and familiar control options for everyone.


  • Fly and destroy the bases of your opponents.
  • Shoot your enemies.
  • Build walls and towers.
  • Form a team and attack your enemies.
  • Build your own kingdom.
  • 3 different game modes.
  • 32 levels.
  • Easy control.
  • Great graphics.