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Dinosaur Game
Dinosaur Game

Dinosaur Game

Dinosaur Game Unblocked

Dinosaur Game Unblocked is one of the cool and very entertaining casual games. Control a small dinosaur that runs non-stop in the desert, but at the same time use your jump and slide skills to avoid obstacles in the way such as rocks, prickly cacti, birds, and others.

The game is able to relieve your daily stress, enjoy relaxation while playing, and spend an enjoyable leisure time. Also, the game was designed in a monochrome style, simple graphics, and beautiful effects inside the gameplay. Run to infinity and bypass the sticky situations. You can play Dinosaur Game online through our website and enjoy the best experience.

Gameplay Video

Dinosaur Game Preview

Dinosaur Game (Offline & Online) is one of the great arcade games of the type of running games, which is considered one of the most preferred games by millions around the world. This game is very simple, which includes T-rex, played by more than 270 million players around the world, and some call it a lot of different names, such as Dino Game, Dino Dun, Chrome Dino, No Internet Game, and others.

The game has been added to Google as an easter egg. Also, the game was developed in 2014 by Edward Young, Sebastian Gabriel, and Alan Bates, who are part of the Chrome UX team. Nowadays, you can play this game on many different platforms and you can enjoy playing it online as well. Your main task in the game is to run non-stop. There are no keys to control the running, as the dinosaur runs automatically.

But your task is to control the dinosaur to avoid various obstacles and traps on your way. Use the jump buttons to avoid rocks, blocks, prickly cacti, and flying birds. As you advance to higher points, the speed of the dinosaur will increase, and it will require more speed in reaction in order to be able to win. Get ready for this adventure now and enjoy the game.


  • A simple and fun casual game.
  • Join 270 million other players.
  • Run and bypass obstacles and traps.
  • Collect as many points as possible.
  • Simple color graphics.
  • Beautiful effects.
  • Easy control.