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Line Rider Unblocked

Line Rider Unblocked is one of the art drawing games that has the ability to change your mood for the better. Where you can draw an endlessly long line and ride on it with your sled. This game includes a great physics style for the movement of the main character within the game.

You have to be more focused in order not to fall the player off the sled. The game has a great soundtrack and simple, monochrome graphics. In addition to smooth control through simple options. Spend a good time playing, get rid of negative energy and daily stress, and start the adventure. Play Line Rider online through our website and enjoy the best experience.

About Line Rider

Line Rider Online is a classic casual flash game that is very fun. There are a lot of art drawing games available on many platforms at the moment. Although these games do not include a main mission or a specific goal as much as they include an entertaining game to relax and enjoy your time. You may have tried one of these simple games before. But now you are about to experience one of the best art games. Line Rider was developed in 2006 by Bostjan Cadez, a Slovenian student.

Line Rider first appeared on DeviantArt shortly after its release. Now the game is available in HTML5 format and you can play online easily through your browser. The main task of the game is to draw one or more lines through the mouse and walk on it endlessly. You will encounter many slopes that you will ride with your ski. In addition to the wonderful dynamic movements during the game. Try these games now and enjoy your time and change your mood to the best.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Line Rider Online?

You don’t need much explanation to know how to play. Where Line Rider includes gameplay, one of the classic flash games that many people prefer. When the game starts you can click on play. After that, you can draw one or more lines and ride on it with your sled. At the same time, you will slope and slide trying not to fall off the ledges.

Not only that, but you can choose the font colors from yellow, red, and blue. Create new tracks from unrealistic tricks like pamphlets and toss. The track must be smooth enough to prevent the character from falling off the sled. The main character in this game is called Bosh. Now you can unleash your imagination and enjoy this unique game.


  • A wonderful and entertaining art drawing game.
  • Draw lines and skate on them.
  • Choose the right color.
  • Explore an endless world.
  • Great sound effects.
  • Simple graphics.
  • Intuitive control.