Glove Power Unblocked

Glove Power

Glove Power Unblocked

Glove Power Unblocked is a very cool casual game. Run through difficult tracks, corridors, and platforms. Overcome unexpected obstacles and traps, and try not to fall off the edges. At the same time, collect as many gems as possible, power-ups, and other rewards. Reach the finish line and move to a new level. This game includes creative graphics and amazing gameplay.

About Glove Power

Glove Power Online is one of the fun games that you will get addicted to playing every day. Relax and enjoy a unique challenge that includes running and arcade elements in the same game. But this time the main character is not a superhero, an animal, or even a ball. Do you remember the evil Thanos in Marvel Comics, who used to wear the Infinity Gauntlet glove? In this game, the main character will be a glove like the Infinity Gauntlet glove. Control this glove through a series of obstacles before reaching the finish line.

Various boosters will appear on your way. So, determine your reward based on your situation. To activate the amazing power of the glove, you will need to collect a lot of gems. This track does not include edges, so you must pay attention to your steps so as not to fall. You will encounter unexpected obstacles and many traps more than running. Jump, slide, and apply your own style to complete all the challenges.

Gradually you will reach difficult levels. So you can use power-ups to raise the skill level, and buy upgrades. Do not forget that there are 6 different gems to collect while running. For example, time, space, strength, reality, and soul. Each of them has its own use based on your tactics. The game was developed by “Yso Corp”. Also, Glove Power is available online for you to enjoy playing through your device without downloading.

How To Play Glove Power?

All you have to do is use the mouse to direct, while you can use the arrow keys or WASD keys to jump and slide. It depends on your style in avoiding obstacles and the speed of your arrival to the finish line. After each round, you will move to a new level with a new mission. Also, the game includes different playing environments and an amazing world to explore while playing.


  • An entertaining running game.
  • A great world to explore.
  • Overcome all obstacles.
  • Make sure to reach the finish line.
  • Complete all levels.
  • Get power-ups.
  • Amazing graphics.


Yso Corp

Release Date



Use arrow keys or WASD keys to move.

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