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N Game Unblocked

N Game Unblocked is a very difficult and entertaining puzzle game. Where you can play as a man who has the athletic ability like a ninja and can do many skills. You will move and jump across platforms and heights to open new doors and win the challenge. Collect coins and gold and explore new places while playing. Your in-game life will be for 15 minutes, you move and slide around the levels but always remember you have a short life. So finish your mission before the time is up to win the game. The game has simple graphics, nice effects, and easy controls. Play N Game online through our website and enjoy the best experience.

About N Game

N Game Online is a great mix of puzzle and arcade games. Certainly, puzzle games are one of the best games that you can try and spend a fun and entertaining time playing. Where you can hone your mental skills in solving puzzles, explore more doors and secrets, and guess the different situations you will go through. In addition to overcoming obstacles, traps, and difficult situations to win the challenge. Puzzle and arcade games are among the most popular games among players around the world. These games are also preferred by millions of players. One of the great puzzle games that you can play is N Game.

The game was developed by Metanet Software! now the game is available on many platforms and you can play online easily. Your mission in N Game is to carry out your mission by knocking on doors and jumping across platforms to move to the next level. When you start playing you will have 15 minutes and it will gradually decrease to 0. Use your time wisely, if you want to continue with the game. There are more than 30 different levels waiting for you. Also, you will pass through a lot of dangers on your way, you have to deal with lasers, homing missiles, robots, and all kinds of other dangerous traps.

Gameplay Video

How To Play N Game Online?

At the beginning of the game, it will be relatively easy to pass the first levels of the game. But gradually the task will become more difficult and you will face many challenges. As N Game is one of the challenging and fun puzzle games at the same time. The game environments and maps are designed in a simple and monochrome way. But you will enjoy a real challenge as if you are a ninja fighter or a superhero.

Jump and bypass all the traps collect the colored balls and try to save your time. The time will gradually decrease from 15 to 0 minutes. During this time you should have completed your mission and reached the next level. Use  Shift,Z,K,P keys to control the main character. Will you be able to lead the ninja to the last level or will you prefer. Try playing now to answer this question.


  • Playing puzzles is challenging and fun.
  • Control the weaving through the platforms.
  • Save your time.
  • Explore diverse environments.
  • Bypass traps and obstacles.
  • Explore 30 different levels.
  • Easy control.
  • Simple graphics.