Chaos Faction 2

Chaos Faction 2

Chaos Faction 2 Unblocked

Chaos Faction 2 Unblocked is a multiplayer arcade fighting game. Where you can enjoy a fun and interesting gameplay and many challenges and battles. Play with your friend, start the campaign, and fight against legendary monsters and opponents across streets, cities, and buildings.

Collect reinforcements, weapons, armor, and powerful swords. Besides, customize the characters and change some options. There are many challenges waiting for you. This game includes wonderful cartoon graphics, fun characters, and very attractive effects. Play Chaos Faction 2 online through our website and enjoy the second part of this wonderful series.

About Chaos Faction 2

Chaos Faction 2 Online is a great arcade game that will lead you to epic challenges. One of the games that bring a lot of fun and excitement is the one that you can play with a friend. Especially if it’s an action or arcade type. 2-player games are considered one of the most popular and preferred by millions of players around the world. There are many games of this type that include different gameplay elements. One of the most prominent of these games is Chaos Faction 2, which was long awaited after the success of the first part.

This game was developed by EON. Also, the game is available online and you can enjoy playing without downloading. As well as this game is compatible with many platforms, and you can use any modern web browser to start playing. Participate in the game with your friend, choose your favorite character, and start the battle. There are 15 different levels waiting for you. You will encounter mysterious creatures, legendary warriors, and other more powerful enemies.

Collect reinforcements, get a powerful sword, and upgrade weapons. There are many great features on Chaos Faction 2. Where hand-to-hand combat has been improved, leveling has been improved, an advanced character editor, unlockable game options, achievements, a new deathmatch mode, and more. Immerse yourself in the chaos, eliminate all your opponents, and win every mission to move on to a new challenge in the campaign. Master new skills, learn more movements, and unlock weapons and armor. Not only that, but customize characters, items, and other options.

How To Play Chaos Faction 2 Online?

You may think at first glance that the game requires a lot of time to master the control options, especially since the game is multiplayer. But it’s quite the opposite! Chaos Faction 2 includes very easy control options, and you can specify control options for each player through the settings. We will mention to you below all the intuitive control options with details. There are 15 campaigns with lots of epic battles.

The game includes a lot of maps that you can explore. Move across platforms, corridors, and cities, attack your opponents, and eliminate all your enemies with the help of your friend. Also, enjoy funny cartoon characters and interact with everything around you. Use your jumping and hitting skills to crush your opponents and move to a new level to explore more fun.


  • Amazing two-player arcade game.
  • Epic battles against your enemies.
  • 15 different campaigns.
  • Deathmatch mode.
  • Unlock new weapons.
  • New improvements.
  • Customization.
  • Great graphics.
  • Familiar control options.


  • Shift to hold with weapon to melee attack.
  • Right to move right.
  • Left to move left.
  • Up to jump or double jump.
  • Down to shield or stomp.
  • Z button to attack (Player1)
  • X button to attack (Player 2)
  • D button drop weapon.
  • Space bar to pause.

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