SkiFree Unblocked

SkiFree Unblocked is a fun and simple sports game. Enjoy endless skating on the ice and overcome obstacles and obstacles on your way. In addition to getting the highest score and exploring different challenges. This game includes simple graphics, 2D design, and easy control. Play Ski Free online through our website and enjoy this adventure.

About SkiFree

SkiFree Online is a snowboarding game that will bring you a lot of fun. Ice skating is considered one of the most enjoyable recreational activities that many people love. Although it requires a special type of skill that must be mastered, even if you watch such shows, it is very wonderful. Therefore, there are many games that rely on this idea with different techniques, some of which are high quality and some are simple games.

Ski Free is one of those simple games that you will love to try. The game was developed by Daniel Hough in 2013. Currently, you can enjoy playing SkiFree through your browser and enjoy this challenge. Your main task is to run down the mountainside and slide through the snow. At the same time, avoid wood, trees, animals, and other obstacles. This game includes 3 different game modes that you can choose from. If you are ready, start this challenge now and break records.

How To Play SkiFree Online?

There are 3 main game modes in SkiFree. For example, you can play a slalom race and ski correctly around the flags in an attempt to complete the run in the shortest time possible. Along with playing freestyle mode and downhill skiing and getting points while performing tricks. In addition to the chase mode, where if you exceed 2000 meters, the Abominable Snowman will appear and start chasing you.


  • Fun ice skating game.
  • Smooth gameplay.
  • Various challenges.
  • 3 game modes.
  • 2D design.
  • Easy control options.
  • Simple graphics.

Gameplay Video

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