StarBlast Unblocked

StarBlast Unblocked is an epic multiplayer shooting game. Where you can build your spaceship, fill it with weapons and missiles, and move to the battlefield to destroy asteroids, rocks, and other spaceships. Use your maneuvering skills and create new experiences. Upgrade your ship and collect reinforcements, coins, and rewards. Watch the tutorial at the beginning of the game to learn all the basics, from combat to mining rocks and upgrading your ship.

Choose the appropriate game mode and take advantage of the list of upgrades constantly while playing. Gradually the mission will become more difficult and you will face stronger players. This game includes amazing graphics and intuitive control options. Play online through our website and enjoy the best experience.


StarBlast Online is one of the very exciting action and space war games. Everyone who wants excitement and fun while playing is looking for action and shooting games. In addition to space wars games, which are considered one of the most immersive and enjoyable games. Where you can build and upgrade your own spaceships and explore planets and an endless world. In addition to fierce battles against your opponents and epic wars against other spacecraft.

Some of these io-type games bring you a lot of fun and entertaining time while playing. One of the most prominent of these games is StarBlast. This game was developed by Neuronality and the game was released in 2016. After that, the game became available online and you can enjoy playing through any web browser you have. Plus support for many different operating platforms. Your main mission on is to build and upgrade your ship and explore the battlefields in exciting multiplayer challenges against opponents from all over the world.

Besides, benefit from promotions and obtain rewards and gems to enhance your energy and strength. Make sure to keep a fresh stock of additional weapons and be sure to improve your attack and defense stats. Choose from four exciting game modes and three factions. Start this space adventure now and destroy all your weapons.

Gameplay Video

How To Play StarBlast Online? is a wonderful mixture of action games that will lead you to the most intense space battles. However, the gameplay includes easy and familiar control options for all players. All you have to do is use the arrow keys to move in all directions. Plus LMB keys to shoot your opponents. Otherwise, it will depend on your skills and maneuvers during combat.

When you start playing, you can play the training level to learn more details about the game. After that, you can select the game mode and choose the faction you want, such as the Federation, Sovereign Trappist Colonies, or the Orion Farmers Guild. Everything inside the battle depends on your movements and the extent of the destruction of the spacecraft and rocks around you.

You will also gain rewards and gems that automatically turn into reinforcements. There are a lot of upgrades that you can take advantage of while playing. Plus, customize your spacecraft on StarBlast and develop it easily. Explore different challenges, start this epic adventure, and dominate space.


Multiplayer Space Battle

StarBlast is one of the most amazing and fun shooting games. Where you can create and develop your spacecraft, and use laser weapons, bombs, and missiles to destroy all your enemies. Move everywhere, overcome rocks and obstacles, shoot your opponents, and collect rewards and reinforcements.

Game Modes

This game includes 4 different playing modes. Select the appropriate mode before starting to play. For example, play team mode, match mode, invasion mode, and deathmatch mode. In addition to choosing from 3 different factions before starting play.


One of the most important features of is the wonderful promotions system that allows you to upgrade energy and strength and improve statistics. Plus spacecraft customization. Moreover, you can use upgrades for shield capacity, shield regeneration, energy capacity, energy, regeneration, laser damage, weapon speed, ship speed, and more.


One of the best features of this game is the amazing graphics design. StarBlast includes wonderful graphics, an exciting atmosphere, and amazing sound effects. In addition to a rich screen and easy and familiar control options for all players.


  • Epic shooting game.
  • Fierce space battles.
  • Build your vision and develop it.
  • 4 different game modes.
  • 3 categories.
  • Upgrades.
  • Customization.
  • Lethal weapons.
  • Improve your stats.
  • Great graphics.
  • Easy control options.