Reach the Core

Reach the Core

Reach the Core Unblocked

Reach the Core Unblocked is a wonderful casual game that will lead you to a very interesting adventure. Where you can use your mining skills to dig for treasures underground. Take your small spike car and dig tunnels and passages in the planetary land to obtain valuable items.

At the same time, you must be careful of explosives and rocks that can destroy your vehicle. Explore different planets and go to the farthest places. With wonderful graphics and smooth and comfortable gameplay. Play Reach the Core online through our website and enjoy the best experience.

About Reach the Core

Reach the Core Online is an amazing mining game with arcade elements. Arcade games in general are considered among the most popular games among players all over the world. Where you can enjoy exciting adventures, intuitive gameplay, and many challenges within the gameplay. One of the most prominent arcade games that have achieved great success are mining and drilling games.

Where you can play the role of a geologist who explores the layers of the earth and searches for rare things and explorations. One of the most prominent of these games is Reach the Core. Also, the game was developed by mmx95, and this game is available in HTML 5. Moreover, get the best adventure while playing through your browser and without downloading. When the game starts, you will land from space to the base of one of the planets.

After that, you will begin your mission of crafting and excavating for valuable items. Continue digging and reaching the deepest points, moving right and left in order to collect reinforcements and gems. At the same time, you must avoid mines, bombs, and sharp rocks so as not to lose. There are many levels of play waiting for you. Collect rewards and coins and develop your vehicle.

How To Play Reach the Core Online?

This type of game does not require a lot of skill. But all you need is focus to be able to avoid obstacles. Reach the Core includes control options that are easy and familiar to all players. For example, you can use the A and D buttons or the arrow keys to move left and right. But things may be a little different if you are playing from another operating system.

Your main mission is to search for the most mysterious treasures deep in the center of the planet. Two space robots discovered space on board the spaceship and tried to obtain fuel so that they could complete the journey. Collect plasma, precious metals, gold, gems, and rare artifacts. The higher your vehicle level, the deeper you can dig.


  • A very fun mining game.
  • Explore the Earth’s interior.
  • Search for minerals and gems.
  • Avoid obstacles and rocks.
  • Collect reinforcements.
  • Upgrade your cart.
  • Beautiful visual style.
  • Great graphics.
  • Easy control options.


Use the left and right arrow keys to move, or you can use the A and D keys.

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