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Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run Unblocked

Super Mario Run Unblocked is one of the most popular arcade games of all time. You can control the famous Super Mario character while running, collecting coins, and crossing obstacles and passages. In addition to using maneuvering skills to resist enemies, pass levels, and reach the flag before the end of time.

There are lots of adventures waiting for you with new places to explore. Rescue the princess and restore the Mushroom Kingdom. Moreover, the game includes different game modes that you can choose from. Enjoy 3D graphics and familiar effects. In addition to intuitive control options and a very enjoyable gameplay. Play Super Mario Run online through our website and get the best experience.

About Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run Online is one of the beloved Mario character games with a new style. Super Mario is considered one of the most famous main game characters ever. Mario games are considered one of the oldest games that were developed on various operating systems at that time, such as Xbox, PlayStation, and others. These games revolutionized the world of technology and game development and inspired many companies and developers to use their creativity in designing different games.

This game was developed by Nintendo Entertainment Planning, and the game was published by Nintendo. You may have played one of the other versions of the Mario game series. But Super Mario Run will take you to an exceptional experience. The story takes place in the Mushroom Kingdom. With an interesting gameplay with side-scrolling and a wide view. The game begins with Mario accepting Princess Peach’s invitation to her castle.

Unfortunately, Bowser kidnaps the princess and destroys the kingdom. Therefore, you will begin the challenge by passing the different levels and collecting the largest possible amount of coins. Moreover, use skills to maneuver, overcome obstacles, and confront enemies on your way. Try to reach the highest level and explore the different game modes.

How To Play Super Mario Run Online?

If you are a fan of running and arcade games, then Super Mario Run will be very familiar to you. The game may include classic gameplay, but you will enjoy high-quality graphics, 3D design, and a very interesting adventure. In addition to many events and levels that you will explore.

Each operating system has different control options. For example, you will click on the screen to play on mobile. But you will use your mouse to play from your desktop. Also, Mario runs automatically. Before starting to play, you can select the game mode you want from among 4 main game modes.

For example, World Tour, Toad Rally, Remix 10, and Kingdom Builder. Each mode has a different adventure and unparalleled challenges. Your main task is to collect as many coins as possible. In addition to reaching the flag before time runs out and trying to save the princess.

Super Mario Run Modes

As we mentioned above, Super Mario Run includes 4 different game modes. If you want to face real challenges, you can choose the game mode you want. The style and skills of playing differ in each mission. Therefore, we will mention below the game modes in detail.

World Tour

Through this adventure, you can travel through plains, caves, ghost houses, balloons, castles, and other places. You must overcome your enemies and obstacles in your way to reach the princess and save her. Try to pass 24 different paths and collect 3 different types of coins to rescue Princess Peach.

Remix 10

In this challenge, your main task will be to search for Daisy. There are 10 short courses you will play. The courses will also change automatically one after another. Therefore, try to clear as many courses as possible to find Daisy.

Toad Rally

Use your skills to compete against your friends and other players. Perform elegant movements to get the highest score. Rally the frogs and fill the scales to enter Coin Rush. If you can win, you will come to the frog and you will develop your kingdom.

Kingdom Builder

In this mission, you will have to collect the largest possible amount of coins and collect frogs to build your kingdom. Not only that, but uses more than 100 different items and more buildings, decorations, and different resources.


  • A very fun adventure game.
  • Overcoming heights and obstacles.
  • Collect coins and frogs.
  • Try to save the princess.
  • Build your kingdom.
  • 4 game modes.
  • 3D graphics.
  • Easy control options.


  • Left click to jump.
  • Click twice for a double jump.
  • Hold the left click to float in the air.

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