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Unfair Mario
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Unfair Mario

Unfair Mario Unblocked

Unfair Mario Unblocked is one of the most famous classic arcade games. Enjoy the wonderful character of Super Mario and run non-stop and overcome traps and obstacles. Use your skills to jump across corridors and platforms, but beware of sudden traps and moving blocks. This game will bring you a lot of fun with classic sound effects, wonderful cartoon graphics, and smooth and interesting gameplay. Play Unfair Mario online through our website and enjoy the best experience.

About Unfair Mario

Unfair Mario Online is a fun running game that will lead you to the classic arcade challenges you always loved to play. Do you remember the famous Super Mario games that many generations grew up on? This series of games is considered one of the oldest arcade games ever developed. In addition, Super Mario games were among the most popular games on various operating systems at the time, such as Xbox, PS, and others.

But with the technical progress in game development at the present time, new versions of these games have emerged with unique improvements. Despite this, there are still some games that still maintain the classic gameplay content that many love. Unfair Mario is the most prominent of these games.

The game was developed by Adrian and the latest version of the game was published in 2020. Now you can play through your browser with unprecedented support for many platforms. Your main task in this game is to run through the blocks and corridors. Beware of the traps and jump across the blocks to reach the flag and checkpoints. There are many challenges waiting for you and different levels of play. If you are ready, start playing now and break records.

How To Play Unfair Mario Online?

There are no complicated control options on Unfair Mario. All you have to do is use the arrow keys to be able to move. Use the up arrow to jump. You must avoid sudden and unexpected traps. There are some blocks that move horizontally and can hinder your progress and make you lose. There are some imaginary blocks that will fall if you jump on them. So focus carefully while playing and explore the different levels that gradually increase in difficulty.


  • Amazing classic arcade game.
  • Sound effects inspired by Super Mario.
  • Beware of unexpected traps.
  • Explore different gameplay levels.
  • Try to gain knowledge.
  • Great cartoon graphics.
  • Easy control options.


  • Left & right arrows to move.
  • Up button arrow to jump.

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