Swing Monkey Unblocked
Swing Monkey
Swing Monkey Unblocked

Swing Monkey

Swing Monkey Unblocked

Swing Monkey Unblocked is a very fun casual game. Enjoy swing back and forth across the ropes and interact with the amazing world inside the jungle. Play the role of a naughty monkey who has unique skills and amazing abilities. Interact with walls, trees, and trampolines to increase your speed. Explore more difficult challenges and move to the highest level. This game includes attractive effects and 3D graphics. Enjoy the adventure online through our website and get the best experience.

About Swing Monkey

Swing Monkey Online is one of the arcade games that will lead you to a very interesting adventure. Explore the forest and dash through trees and slopes, picking up points and ropes at the right time to advance. Complete the level, get the highest points, and move on to a new, more enjoyable challenge. Casual games are considered an intuitive and easy type of game that does not require a lot of time to master the game.

Therefore, you will find millions of players from around the world who prefer such games. It also includes a comfortable play gym that always changes your mix for the better. If you want to have an exciting adventure like this, you can play Swing Monkey. This game is developed by MarketJS. Currently, the game is supported by many platforms such as HTML 5 and Android.

As well as play online through your browser easily. Follow some tricks and tips that depend on your own style of playing so that you can get the highest points. If you swing or jump high enough, you’ll be able to fly through most of the path without catching any rings. You will learn from your mistakes in every new challenge. Start the mission now and enjoy this wonderful adventure.

How To Play?

Swing Monkey has an amazing Physics game. Where you can control a small monkey who has unique skills and wonderful abilities. Explore the forest and advance through ropes and trees. Try not to fall and complete the mission successfully to get the highest score. Challenge yourself every time and break the records you achieve in each level. All you have to do is click and drop with your mouse to play.


  • A very fun arcade game.
  • An interesting world to explore.
  • Exciting challenges.
  • Fun physics game.
  • Complete the missions.
  • Get the highest points.
  • 3D graphics.


Use the mouse to play.