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Monkey Mart

Monkey Mart Unblocked

Monkey Mart Unblocked is one of the most fun and entertaining idle management games. Where you can own a supermarket that includes a large plot of agricultural land. So that you can grow crops and grains, manufacture them, sell them to your customers, and collect money. There are many activities that you can do in this fun game. Plant bananas, bananas, strength pills, and chocolate.

Buy new machines and manufacture different foodstuffs. Collect crops and materials, sell them, then stand next to the cash register to collect your money. Explore different stations and new places. Also use customization to change hats, costumes, and other items. In this game, you will enjoy high-quality graphics and amazing 3D designs. Play Monkey Mart online through our website and enjoy the best experience.

About Monkey Mart

Monkey Mart Online is an idle game that simulates the supermarket business in a unique and very entertaining way. Real-world simulation games are among the most preferred games by players from all over the world. Although most of these games rely heavily on showing realistic details in the gameplay. However, there are some games that are built on unique and different ideas, such as Monkey Mart. In this game, you will manage your own supermarket through cute monkey characters. Because you will hire a staff of monkeys, and even your clients will be monkeys as well.

Your main task is to grow different crops, manufacture them, sell them to earn money, buy machines, and use upgrades. In addition to customizing characters and items and expanding your kingdom to other stations. Monkey Mart was developed by TinyDobbins. Currently, you can easily enjoy playing through your browser. This game is available in HTML 5 format and is supported by many different platforms. Monkey Mart will bring you a lot of fun.

Moreover, you will enjoy 3D graphics and enjoyable visual and sound effects. Not only that, but the game includes simple instructions that appear on the screen so you know what you should do. Sometimes it will be up to you to use your personal skills in managing the supermarket, hiring staff, etc. Start this wonderful adventure, earn more money, and expand your supermarket.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Monkey Mart Online?

Such games are very entertaining and do not require a lot of skills to play. Moreover, the game brings you a lot of fun and enjoyment while playing. All you have to do is use the directional keys on the keyboard to control the monkey’s movement. In addition to some other main keys. When you start playing, you will collect an amount of money that you can use to grow crops.

Grow fruits, harvest crops, and move from one station to another to fill stalls with different food items to collect as much money as possible. Plus, you can hire assistants and employees to help you. Also, harvest crops and distribute them in designated places. Customers will come from everywhere and you will automatically pick up the food items you want.

After that, all you have to do is go to the cash register to get your money. Gradually you can unlock more items and grow more crops to make different foodstuffs. Besides, establish more outlets in more stations and attract more customers from all over the city. Use upgrades to improve skills, machines, and staff. In addition to Monkey Mart’s amazing customization system to personalize gameplay.

Monkey Mart Advantages

Manage Your Own Supermarket

When you start playing Monkey Mart, you will play the role of the manager of a large supermarket. At the same time, you will grow crops and fruits, manufacture food, and provide the best service to customers. In addition to upgrading the game, collecting money, customizing characters, and other fun activities.

Plant Different Crops

There are many types of crops, grains, and fruits that you can grow on Monkey Mart. For example, you can grow corn, wheat, cocoa, power beans, fruits, bananas, and others. In addition to manufacturing or selling them as products to collect more profits and gain the satisfaction of your customers.

Make Food Products

There are many different machines that you can use to process different foodstuffs and products. For example, use a peanut butter maker, chocolate maker, wheat grinder, ice cream maker, butter maker, cake maker, chocolate maker, grinder, yogurt makers, and microwave. In addition to raising poultry and animals.

Upgrades & Customization

One of the most important features of Monkey Mart is the amazing promotions system, through which you can boost your profits and get more money. Click on the icon with an arrow at the top of the screen to reveal the list of upgrades. In addition to changing costumes, customizing characters, changing hats, accessories, and other items.


One of the best features of Monkey Mart is the amazing graphics within the game. Where you can enjoy beautiful colors, HD graphics, and 3D designs in all aspects of the game. In addition to wonderful visual and sound effects while playing. Also, the game includes easy control options and a clean user interface.


  • Run your supermarket efficiently.
  • Hire staff and assistants.
  • Grow crops and fruits.
  • Make food and products.
  • Collect money from the cash register.
  • Explore new stations.
  • Upgrade the supermarket.
  • Bought new machines.
  • Earn more money.
  • Easy control options.
  • Gameplay is fun.
  • HD graphics.