The Impossible Game
The Impossible Game
The Impossible Game

The Impossible Game

The Impossible Game Unblocked

The Impossible Game Unblocked is an entertaining casual game that will make you feel excited while controlling one of the small squares that automatically shoots forward. Where you are only required to tap to jump and avoid obstacles and traps on your way. Everything is fun inside this game with simple gameplay and great design.

You have to control a square and try to jump over different things at high speeds. Develop your jumping skills and overcome difficult situations through the in-game training mode. There are a lot of rich elements inside the game that will make you enjoy an entertaining time. With high-quality graphics and an attractive soundtrack. Play The Impossible Game online now and enjoy your time.

About The Impossible Game

The Impossible Game Online is a great mix between classic arcade games and super fun jumping games. As long as you come to our platform, you are a fan of classic casual games and simple and entertaining arcade games. you are right! It’s interesting to spend your time playing such games. Although there is a great development in the design of video games at the present time, but there are those who find their pleasure in playing one of the games of rolling, platforms or jumping.

Among the most prominent of these games that you will like is The Impossible Game. The game was developed in 2014 by FlukeDude. The game is now available on many operating systems and is supported by all platforms and modern web browsers. Your main task on The Impossible Game is to just click to jump. As the small square moves forward automatically. It will be relatively easy at first.

But gradually the speed of the square will increase and it will face more obstacles. You must focus to avoid traps, cliffs, and cubes on your way. The Impossible Game will bring you a lot of fun and excitement. Also, you will enjoy an attractive soundtrack while playing. Start the mission now and bypass the sharp teeth and difficult obstacles and achieve the highest points.

Gameplay Video

How To Play The Impossible Game Online?

Perhaps from the name of the game, you will know how difficult it is, at the same time the name of the game is an indication of the extent of fun and excitement of the game and the entertaining time that you will spend while playing. However, you do not need much skill in The Impossible Game. You just have to focus and make the right decision to jump.

You have to time your jumps perfectly to avoid the different obstacles in each level. Few managed to complete this game, start the challenge, and prove to everyone that you are able to pass all levels and win the game. There are many checkpoints that you will pass through in each level. If you hit anything, you will restart the game from the last checkpoint you reached.

One of the most prominent features of The Impossible Game is the training mode that allows you to train on jumping skills and develop your style of play. In order to control the small square, you can left-click or use the space bar. Start the challenge now and become one of the best players.


  • Jump and pass the obstacles.
  • Avoid traps on your way.
  • Find more difficult equations.
  • Practice your skill.
  • Training mode.
  • Attractive design.
  • Spirited soundtrack.
  • Great graphics.
  • Very easy control.