Thing Thing 4 Unblocked

Thing Thing 4

Thing Thing 4 Unblocked

Thing Thing 4 Unblocked is a very fun action game. Take your weapon and immerse yourself in epic battles to uncover conspiracies and eliminate your enemies. Go across platforms and take advantage of the main character’s unique skills to overcome all obstacles. Face bosses, explore biological secrets, and save the world from this evil. Use a range of powerful pistols and rifles to destroy your enemies. Enjoy intuitive graphics and gameplay that will make you addicted to playing every day.

Introduce Thing Thing

Thing Thing 4 Online is one of the shooting games that you will love to play. Get ready for a new mission in the fourth part of this wonderful series. Which includes a different grain from the previous parts. The story revolves around Vahl Dreig, who detained Project 154 in a room. But fortunately, he managed to escape to start a new adventure to find the person who turned him into a biological weapon, so that he could take revenge.

He faces some obstacles and killers on his way in an attack helicopter, but fortunately, the plane will crash and he will survive. Once he reaches the CEO’s office and listens to the speech, your mission will begin. You will face waves of villains and robotic monsters. So you must use your maneuvering and gesture skills to be able to jump, hide, and shoot. Search for biological weapons and destroy them to protect humans.

Also, use a variety of powerful guns and weapons during the battle. For example, CZ-75b, 1911 A1, SMG’s, AK-47, HK-416, and others. Explore new places in warehouses, warehouses, platforms, gas pipes, and others. Complete challenges and get rewards to be able to buy more upgrades. The game was developed by Sean Weasel McGee. Also, play Thing Thing 4 online through your browser and enjoy the best experience.

How To Play Thing Thing 4?

Thing Thing 4 is one of the shooting games of the platform games type. So the game includes smooth gameplay and familiar control options for all players. It depends on your style in managing battles and exploiting the skills of the main character. You will have some limited weapons at the beginning of the mission. But over time you can upgrade guns and get pistols and deadly weapons. Create your own movement style in each battle and eliminate all enemies and bosses.


  • Epic shooting game.
  • Complete missions.
  • Powerful weapons.
  • New locations.
  • Familiar graphics.
  • Easy control options.

Release Date

April 2008


Sean Weasel McGee


  1. WASD to move.
  2. Shift to run.
  3. Space to swap & throw weapons.
  4. E to switch weapons.
  5. Q to melee weapon.
  6. Left-click to shoot.
  7. P to pause.

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