Winter Clash 3D Unblocked

Winter Clash 3D

Winter Clash 3D Unblocked

Winter Clash 3D Unblocked is a very fun shooting game. Immerse yourself in Christmas battles and eliminate your elves. Master your aiming and maneuvering skills to kill as many enemies as possible and get achievements and rewards. Own an arsenal of powerful guns and snipers and develop them. Maintain the health bar and advance to enemy lines to shoot accurately. This game is in a magical world with wonderful graphics and an exciting gaming atmosphere.

Introduce Winter Clash 3D

Winter Clash 3D Online is one of the multiplayer action games. Get ready for a new adventure in the world of epic battles and shooting wars. FPS games are among the most popular games on iOS, Android, PC, and other platforms. So you are about to immerse yourself in a unique shooting game and a very fun game idea. The story takes place during Christmas, where a group of elves rebelled.

So Santa began planning to control this date by forming a team and leading to epic battles in beautiful snow environments. Track down the elven gangs and head to your enemy’s bases to destroy them. Switch between a range of powerful weapons such as machine guns and assault rifles. At the end of each level, you will get achievements and money that you can use to upgrade weapons, buy snipers, and raise statistics.

Keep your progress to put yourself on the leaderboard. Also, invite your friends to join the event and enjoy multiplayer battles. Winter Clash 3D was published in 2019 by the developer “Freeway Interactive”. Now enjoy playing online through your browser easily.

Winter Clash 3D Advantages


The game takes place in amazing ice environments. As the battle timing has become at Christmas time. So everything around you seems frozen. Moreover, explore various battlefields, new maps, and difficult game levels to complete.


One of the most important features of the game is the armament system that you can develop. Where you can get assault rifles, machine guns, snipers, pistols, explosives, and other weapons. In addition to customization options to continuously upgrade the game.


As mentioned above, the game includes a wide upgrade system. Where you can upgrade the main character in the game by enhancing health and statistics and upgrading abilities. Plus, buy skins, accessories, and costumes and customize Santa as you want.


Explore legendary gameplay in a world of amazing graphics and fun cold weather. The game includes 3D graphics and very fun characters. In addition to diverse playing environments so that you do not feel bored at all.

How To Play Winter Clash 3D?

Winter Clash 3D is no different from any FPS game you have played before. Interact with the battlefield and use gesture and maneuver skills. Shoot accurately and aim at the heads of the elves to blow them up. Take advantage of the resources and elements around you to be able to survive. Your mission is to kill as many elves as possible to collect achievements and put your name on the leaderboard. Despite that, the game includes very easy control options that we will mention below in detail.


  • An epic shooting game.
  • Explore intense battles.
  • Awesome locations.
  • Powerful weapons.
  • Customization and upgrades.
  • Get achievements.
  • 3D graphics.

Release Date

December 2019


Freeway Interactive


  1. Arrow keys to move.
  2. Left-click to shoot.
  3. Right-click to aim.
  4. C to crouch.
  5. Space to jump.
  6. Tab to score table.

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