Vector Rush Unblocked

Vector Rush

Vector Rush Unblocked

Vector Rush Online is a very fun arcade game. Jump across walls, buildings, and platforms to overcome obstacles. Use different tricks to escape difficult situations. Collect rewards and explore new places in each level. Earn money and use it to upgrade abilities and statistics. This game includes great graphics and gameplay that you will love to experience.

About Vector Rush

Vector Rush Online is one of the action games that will bring you a lot of excitement while playing. Do you miss arcade gang games? But this time you will not rob banks or drive cars. Instead, you will have many super skills to move on a risky journey. Complete levels, get rewards, and collect new achievements. The main character in this game is a gentleman named Victor.

In each challenge, you will set off across a set of different obstacles along the way. You must avoid unexpected obstacles and traps to avoid falling. Jump across walls like a ninja and perform tricks. Take advantage of everything around you to improve your performance in each level. There are 15 different levels that include many dangerous missions.

Go through the city and jump from one building to another and collect rewards and boosters. Get 3 stars at the end of each level and get ready for a new mission. Games like this will make you addicted to playing every day. Also, play Vector Rush online through your browser and enjoy your time.

How To Play?

You will not need much time to understand the user interface and how to play. The game includes easy and smooth gameplay and intuitive control options. For example, use the arrow keys and the space bar to do flips, tricks, jumps, and more. Collect stars and coins to move to a new level and get the highest rating.


  • A fun arcade game.
  • Exciting gameplay.
  • 15 different levels.
  • Avoid falling.
  • Overcoming obstacles.
  • Awesome graphics.


Use the keyboard to play.

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