Stick Fighter Unblocked

Stick Fighter

Stick Fighter Unblocked

Stick Fighter Unblocked is a very fun two-player fighting game. Choose from 6 famous Stickman characters and indulge in an epic fight against your opponents. Punch, kick, and punch to bring your opponent down and win every round. This game includes simple single-player graphics and smooth and exciting gameplay.

About Stick Fighter

Stick Fighter Online is one of the Stickman games that will bring you a lot of fun. Wherever you go, you will find that Stickman games are among the most popular games everywhere. As these characters are considered among the most famous fun characters in the world of games, which you can control in a group of diverse game categories such as adventure, arcade, fighting, and others. But in Stick Fighter, you will enjoy an exceptional experience.

Although the design of the gameplay is simple and easy. But the game includes exciting battles and you can easily share the game with your friends. Because the game includes a 2-player mode where you can fight against other players to defeat them. Not only that, but train your skills and more tricks through the single-player mode. Play Stick Fighter online and enjoy the best experience through your browser.

How To Play Stick Fighter?

Enjoy simple gameplay and smooth single-color gameplay. Kill in fun arcade battles against armies of stickmen. Choose from 6 main characters and start the campaign. If you can master the control options, you can perform many unique moves and strikes. So we will explain to you below the control options in detail.


  • Classic fighting game.
  • Exciting gameplay.
  • Single-color graphics.
  • 6 characters.
  • Easy control options.

Single Player Controls

  • Arrow keys to crouch, jump, and move.
  • 2 to kick.
  • ~` to the weak punch.
  • 1 to strong punch.
  • 3 to strong kick.

2 Player Controls

Player 1

  1. N to move right.
  2. V to move left.
  3. B to crouch.
  4. G to jump.
  5. ~` to the weak punch.
  6. 1 to strong punch.
  7. 2 to kick.
  8. 3 to strong kick.

Player 2

  1. Arrow keys to jump, move, and crouch.
  2. . > to strong punch.
  3. , < to weak punch.
  4. Shift to strong kick. / ? = kick.

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