Rage Blade Unblocked

Rage Blade

Rage Blade Unblocked

Rage Blade Unblocked is a very fun fighting game. Play as a samurai fighter and set off across the wilderness to face waves of non-stop enemies. Use fire swords and powerful equipment to destroy your enemies. Complete challenges and move on to more powerful battles. This game includes great cartoon graphics and fun effects during the game.

About Rage Blade

Rage Blade Online is one of the action games that will bring you a lot of fun. Arcade fighting games are among the most popular action games in the world of video games. However, some adventure fighting games include epic gameplay and many missions to complete. If you want to experience one of these adventures. Then play Rage Blade and become a legendary ninja fighter.

The game includes an exciting adventure full of battles and battlefields to face powerful samurai warriors. Use your skills in waving the sword and spear and eliminate the savage samurai armies in your way. In each mission, a group of enemies will advance towards you. So don’t give them the chance to destroy you and blow up all the enemies in your way.

Gradually you will move to more difficult levels, and you will face more powerful enemies. So upgrade your weapons and learn new methods to break your opponents in each battle. Also, the control options in this game are easy and intuitive. Rage Blade has recently been published on many platforms including HTML5. In order to enjoy playing online through your browser easily.

How To Play?

All you have to do is use the arrow keys to move right and left towards your enemies. Also, use the space bar to fight and attack. It depends on your strategy in fighting the battle and destroying your enemies. Once the mission is completed, you will move to a new challenge and more powerful fighters.


  • Epic fighting game.
  • Strong battles.
  • Legendary warriors.
  • Great characters.
  • Complete levels.
  • Fun graphics.


  1. Arrows to move.
  2. AD to dodge the attack.
  3. Spacebar to fight.

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