Traffic Control Unblocked

Traffic Control

Traffic Control Unblocked

Traffic Control Unblocked is a fun casual game. Test your skill in playing the role of a traffic controller at a busy intersection. Steer cars and avoid accidents and collisions. Deal with the chaos and manage the streets with your own strategy. Explore new, more difficult levels and enjoy your time while playing. This game features a wide flat view with great graphics and simple control options.

About Traffic Control

Traffic Control Online is one of the entertaining games that will bring you a lot of fun. Many people suffer from the problem of traffic congestion in some areas. Therefore, they always need an experienced traffic man to manage car movements and organize traffic smoothly. If you want to play this mission. Then you can play Traffic Control. Your main role in this game is to manage traffic movements during peak hour.

You will have to organize the movement of vehicles at a 4-lane intersection. Take charge of busy intersections to ensure the safe passage of cars and prevent any collisions. Test your skills as a traffic controller and deal with difficult situations at the most difficult times. Grant safe passage to cars, detect violators, and maintain smooth traffic flow.

Do not forget that the task becomes more difficult as you move to a new level. Therefore, you must be more careful and focused to overcome difficult situations. Traffic Control was developed by Inlogic Software. Not only that, but you will enjoy playing online easily.

How To Play Traffic Control?

Traffic Control is considered a fun game that does not require many rules. Your mission is to manage traffic at a busy intersection. Implement your strategy to grant safe passage for cars and vehicles. Use the left mouse button to increase the car’s speed. Besides, determine the direction to prevent any accidents. Each challenge increases in difficulty as you move to a new mission. There are a lot of levels to complete.


  • Great simulation game.
  • Manage traffic efficiently.
  • Play the role of a traffic controller.
  • Avoid collisions.
  • Wide vision.
  • Great graphics.


Inlogic Software

Release Date

October 2021


Use the mouse to steer and increase the car’s speed.

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