Tube Jumpers Unblocked

Tube Jumpers

Tube Jumpers Unblocked

Tube Jumpers Unblocked is a very fun 2 player game. Throw your tube and go through the waves of the sea, rocks, and sharks. Keep yourself stable in the tube that is more like a small boat. Play against one, 2, 3, or 4 players at the same time. The winner is the one who can stay the longest without falling. Enjoy classic graphics and gameplay that will make you addicted to playing with your friends.

About Tube Jumpers

Tube Jumpers Online is one of the entertainment games that will bring you a lot of excitement. When the game is multiplayer, it means that you are about to enjoy an adventure like no other. Especially if more than 2 players can participate in the challenge. Such type of games are very popular and are loved by millions of people around the world. If you want to indulge in a challenge like this. Then Tube Jumpers is perfect for that.

The game includes smooth and simple gameplay and a creative game idea. Where a group of players compete in boats that look like tubes through a set of obstacles. Go through the waves of the sea and jump at the right time to get back to the tube again. If you lose your balance and fall into the water, you will be the first to lose.

So try to stay clinging to your tube for as long as possible. Face rocks, balls, and even sharks and birds. There are 3 different game modes. You can play 1 vs. 1, 2 vs. 1, or 2 vs. 2. If you are ready, start this amazing adventure and defeat all your opponents. The game was developed by “Michael Eichler”. Tube Jumpers is available online and you can play through your browser.

How To Play Tube Jumpers?

When you start playing, you will choose the game mode from among 3 main modes. For example, you can play 1 vs. 1, 2 vs. 1, or 2 vs. 2. After that, each player will enter his name in the game. Once the challenge begins, you must focus to stay in the boat for the longest time. Each player has a specific button to use to jump, as we will explain below.


  • A fun multiplayer game.
  • Play against your friends.
  • 3 game modes.
  • Simple gameplay.
  • Pixel graphics.
  • Easy control options.


Michael Eichler


  1. Player 1: W.
  2. Player 2: I.
  3. Player 3: Z.
  4. Player 4: M.

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