Warbot.io Unblocked

Warbot.io Unblocked is one of the very fun multiplayer action and war games. Choose your robot and upgrade it. Explore the battlefield and destroy other characters. Blow up everything in your way and collect reinforcements and powerful weapons. Use fireballs, missiles, cannons, etc. to destroy other robots.

Also, enjoy playing against other players from around the world in multiplayer mode. Collect rewards and money and customize many items. This game includes high-quality graphics and attractive visual and sound effects. Explore the world of fantasy and enjoy the challenge. Play Warbot.io online through our website to enjoy the best experience.

About Warbot.io

Warbot.io Online is an epic robot wars game that will lead you into intense battles. War games have a unique character and are preferred by millions of players around the world. Therefore, you will find many games that include unique and crazy ideas for playing. The most prominent of these games are robot battle games, one of which you may have played before. But now you will enjoy one of the best action games and robot wars.

Warbot.io was developed by Wondersquad, and the game was published in October 2017. Since then, the game has received great praise from players and has become available as an online multiplayer so enjoy playing through your browser. In the game, control a powerful robot that needs to eliminate other robots in the arena around you.

Your main task is to destroy all characters and enemies. In addition to collecting power-ups, stronger weapons, and more ammunition. Also, use upgrades to raise your character’s skill and ability levels. Not only that, but you can buy more powerful robots and equip them for the toughest battles. Explore a wonderful 3D environment. Choose the appropriate game mode and start the war now.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Warbot.io Online?

You will not need a lot of time to master the skills of playing Warbot.io. In addition, the game includes easy and intuitive control options. For example, you can use the WASD key to move freely on the battlefield. In addition to using the mouse to direct strikes and fire missiles. Plus some other main control buttons that we will mention below.

Not only that, you can challenge real players on the battlefield when you play multiplayer mode. Which will lead you to intense, epic battles that require a lot of concentration. As you collect power-ups you will raise your energy and the destructive power of your weapons. Gradually, you will face more powerful characters, so you must prepare well before each battle. Play Warbot.io now and destroy all other robots in your way.


  • Epic robot war game.
  • Build your character within the game.
  • Collect power-ups.
  • Explore a 3D battlefield.
  • Blow up all the robots in your way.
  • Upgrade your weapons.
  • Bought new robots.
  • High-quality graphics.
  • Easy control options.


  • Right-click to lock/unlock the mouse camera view.
  • Left and right arrow to rotate the camera
  • WASD to move.
  • Space to use booster.
  • Left click to shoot.