Wormate.io Unblocked Free

Wormate.io Unlocked is one of the amazing classic-style arcade games of IO type. Start your life as a small worm and go out into the arena to search for food. You will gradually increase in size and you will explore more places and eat different kinds of fruits and golden balls. It will not last long as you will be attacked by large worms.

Use your skills to escape and dodge until you are the right size to face the big worms. The game has amazing graphics and great visual and sound effects. Also, the control options are easy and familiar to all players. Explore the different gameplay levels and get ready for the adventure. Play through our website and enjoy the best online experience for free.

About Wromate.io

Wormate.io Online is a very fun and entertaining arcade game to spend your free time in something amazing entertainment. There is no doubt that snake games are one of the classic games that many generations have been brought up with. As it was one of the leading video games that was available on different operating systems in the past. Now, with the development of video game technologies and the emergence of modern operating systems such as PC, Android, and iOS. Then the developers created hundreds of arcade games of this kind. If you want a new experience of snake games. Then you can play Wormate.

This game is developed by Oleksandr Godoba. In a short time, the game won the praise and admiration of millions of players. Your main task in the game is to eat the food and fruits on the board. It will start as a small worm and will gradually evolve into a giant snake. At the beginning of the game, you must avoid the larger worms. But with the passage of time and when you increase in size, you can confront all worms and destroy them and get their food. Wormate.io headshot will take you in wonderful graphics, delightful colors, and beautiful effects inside the gameplay.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Wromate.io Online?

I think the way to play such games does not need much explanation. Where you can move your fingers on the screen to control the worm and move it to the food and colored balls. Explore a large arena and slide to eat everything in your path. When you reach higher levels you can catch bigger worms and get more food.

Wormate includes a lot of gifts and enhancements that you can get during the game, such as magnets, locks, magnifying glasses, and others. Explore the different playing fields and attack boosters to get more food and boost your size to become invincible. Also, use customization to change skins, upgrade items, and other features.


Wormate has a variety of boosters and items that you can use to help you grow faster. In addition to doubling the food and making you more effective during the movement. In the following, we will show you some gifts that you can get while playing:

  • Multiplier – multiplies the level of nutrition provided by the food depending on the value (2x, 5x, or 10x).
  • Magnifying glass – Zooms out the camera for greater visibility.
  • Magnet – Pulls food towards you from a greater distance.
  • Lock – Gives you a large amount of food.
  • Question mark – Gives you a random power-up.
  • Crisscross – Lets you make sharper turns.
  • Speed boost – Makes your worm move faster.


  • Fun classic arcade game
  • Be a little worm and evolve gradually.
  • All the food on your way explore the arena.
  • Avoid larger worms.
  • Get gifts and prizes.
  • Become invincible.
  • Enjoy great graphics.
  • Great sound effects.
  • Smooth control.