Akinator Online Unblocked

Akinator Online is an interesting guessing game that will impress you incredibly. Where you can guess famous personalities from around the world or historical figures, and by means of AI, Akinator will guess the character you are thinking of through some different questions. Based on your answers, the game will guess the character you are thinking of and tell you about it. It will be very interesting when you start playing.

Also, ask more than 60 questions. Must be more evasive in your answers in order to outsmart Aladdin in the game. And she is the main character who will ask you questions. If you are ready to go through this wonderful adventure. Then click on start playing and enjoy playing online for free.

About Akinator Game

Akinator Unblocked is a unique intelligence questions game that will make you enjoy a fun and entertaining time. There is no doubt that intelligence games are one of the most exciting games that make you feel excited and want to continue playing. In addition to enhancing your mental abilities and enhancing your intuition. There are many puzzle and simulation games out there that may be somewhat traditional. But with Akinator, you will enjoy a unique game idea that revolves around guesses. The game is developed by Elokence.

Now the game is available online for free and without downloading. Do you like celebrities or historical figures? If you have a good memory and good literacy, you can challenge Akinator to an interesting guessing game. Think of a character in your mind and the game will ask several different questions about the character. Based on each answer you will choose, the game will gradually recognize the character you are thinking of. Make Akinator’s mission impossible and think of a difficult character to win the game.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Akinator Online?

There are no difficult rules or control options to start playing Akinator. All you have to do is focus and choose one of the famous or historical characters in your mind to start playing. The character can be a singer, actor, soccer player, anime character, historical leader, politician, and others. The game will ask several different questions to get to the character you are thinking of.

For example, questions could be about, is the character male or female. How old is the character? What movies did the character act in? And other questions like this. If you can pick a tough celebrity, you can stay in a match against Akinator until one of you outsmarts the other. You can sit with your friends and family members to think about a character, share the game, and spend an entertaining and enjoyable time while playing.


  • Guess your favorite characters.
  • Answer the questions carefully.
  • Choose your answer carefully.
  • Make Akinator difficult.
  • Think of historical figures.
  • 100 questions about personality.
  • Clean user interface.
  • Simple graphics.