Alchemy Unblocked


Alchemy Unblocked

Alchemy Unblocked is a unique puzzle game. Mix two different items to get the third item. Follow this strategy in each new level, and complete all the challenges. Rely on logic and equations of real chemists to pass all levels. Enjoy an elegant user interface and easy and fun gameplay.

About Alchemy Game

Alchemy Online is one of the simple casual games that you will love to play. This game combines puzzle and simulation elements, which will make you enjoy your time while playing. If you are a fan of chemistry and equations between various elements. Then Alchemy will be perfect for you. Run your own laboratory, start mixing different ingredients, and complete challenges.

Your main mission is to try to find the missing element in each equation. For example, the repetition may require one or more years. Also, each component can be perceived literally and figuratively in different situations. Create legendary creatures by mixing elements, such as Grass Mower, Phoenix Thrasher, and others.

Discover the experiments that have baffled scientists yourself, and invent new types of laws that humans can rely on in the future. There are many different levels waiting for you. Complete all missions and continue your journey to the end. This game was developed by “Ingenium Games”, and the game was published in 2022.

How To Play Alchemy?

Your main task is very simple. Where you must mix 2 different chemical elements to reach the new element. Use hints in difficult situations and turn logic into the impossible. Drag the left mouse button to move and combine items, including additional recipes. Complete all levels and enjoy your time.


  • Fun chemistry game.
  • Interesting gameplay.
  • New levels.
  • Simple rules.
  • Great graphics.


Ingenium Games

Release Date

August 2022


Use the mouse to play.

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