Frog Rush Unblocked

Frog Rush

Frog Rush Unblocked

Frog Rush Unblocked is a fun puzzle game. Eliminate the chemical mutation that is about to cause a disaster in the world of amphibians. Blow up the poisonous creatures, and the bloated frogs in each level to win. But be careful as the chemical supplies are limited. This game is great and includes 3D graphics and very easy control options.

About Frog Rush

Frog Rush Online is one of the puzzle games that will bring you a lot of fun. The story takes place in a chemical laboratory to conduct a scientific experiment on amphibians. But unfortunately, the experiment failed. Then this led to the poisoning of the genes of some species of amphibians such as frogs and the epidemic may spread to the rest of the creatures.

So your mission will be to blow up all the poisonous frogs to complete each challenge. But it is not that easy! You will need to click on the right frog that will drop the serum on the rest of the frogs on the board. Only by using “Chemical K” can you eliminate all the bloated frogs and poisonous amphibians. Therefore, the game uniquely combines elements of strategy and arcade games, which will make you have a fun time while playing.

Plan well before making your final decision in each level. Remember that you are coming to a more difficult challenge in the next mission. If you fail, you can try again, do not give up. Get rewards and achievements, and challenge yourself to get the highest rating in each level. Frog Rush is supported by many platforms and web browsers, so you can enjoy playing online.

How To Play?

Use “Chemical K” to explode the poisonous pygmy frogs in each level. Choose the appropriate frog to explode and launch the ricocheting chemical serum to eliminate the rest of the poisonous creatures on the board. Challenge yourself in each new level to get the highest score.


  • A fun casual game.
  • Complete the levels.
  • Get the highest score.
  • Difficult challenges.
  • Great graphics.


Use the mouse to play.

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