Antimatter Dimensions Unblocked

Antimatter Dimensions

Antimatter Dimensions Unblocked

Antimatter Dimensions Unblocked is a unique clicker game. Click and search for antimatter. Explore new dimensions and upgrade units and clicks. The more antimatter you have, the more dimensions you can access. This game is familiar and has a very simple and easy user interface.

About Antimatter Dimensions

Antimatter Dimensions Online is one of the idle games that you will love to try. Idle games are simple casual games that you can play anytime and anywhere. As you do not need a lot of skill or experience to play. Moreover, such games do not include instructions or rules. Just a simple game idea will help you relax and get rid of stress. If you want to live this adventure.

Then you can play Antimatter Dimensions. The game revolves around how to extract antimatter. So you will click to get as much of this article as possible. At the same time, upgrades must be purchased to reach new dimensions. Therefore, you must have enough antimatter to open a new dimension.

Purchase additional units of each dimension which will boost your production speed. You will need 10 thousand money to purchase the first 10 upgrades. Start the challenge now and enjoy your time while playing online through your browser. This game was developed by “Ivar K”.

How To Play?

All you have to do is tap to collect antimatter. Click non-stop and upgrade your output. Earn money and buy new upgrades to explore more dimensions. Using only the mouse you can play and direct.


  • Simple idle game.
  • Click and collect points.
  • Unlock new dimensions.
  • Familiar user interface.
  • Easy control options.


Ivar K


Use the mouse to play.