Trollface Quest Sports Unblocked

Trollface Quest Sports

Trollface Quest Sports Unblocked

Trollface Quest Sports Unblocked is a very entertaining puzzle game. Continue your journey in this interesting series and complete the fun sports challenges. Arrange the scene and solve the puzzle in each level to get points and move on to a new mission. Enjoy playing football, basketball, power games, and other games. Moreover, enjoy funny and mysterious cartoon graphics, and very fun effects while playing.

About Trollface Quest: Sports

Trollface Quest: Sports Online is one of the unique sports games that has no equal. For all fans of the Troll Face games series, it’s time to indulge in a new, more exciting, and fun challenge. Where your mission this time is not to arrange cinematic scenes, or complete scary horror missions. But you will enjoy a group of interesting sports games that include many puzzles. Each level presents you with a picture of a hunter and a completely new challenge that you have to click on and complete.

Based on one of the funniest memes. Click on the different things on the screen and try to find the right way to solve the puzzle. If you fail, you can try again and change your tactics to complete the challenge. Trollface Quest Sports contains a unique blend of smart humor and mind-boggling puzzles. Also, the game will also bring you a lot of fun. In addition to many new levels that include fun graphics and different playing environments.

For example, you will complete levels in the gym, football fields, volleyball, tennis, basketball, and other games. Enjoy a refreshing and entertaining experience, and perform outrageous acrobatic moves, and your own tricks to complete each mission. The original game was developed by “SPIL GAMES”. Not only that, but the game is supported by many operating systems so that you can enjoy playing online through your browser.

How To Play Trollface Quest Sports?

This game depends on clicking and directing to solve puzzles and complete each level. At first, it will be easy and entertaining. But as you advance to higher levels, it will become more difficult. So you will need more focus to complete all the challenges. All you have to do is use the mouse to play. Go to new levels and get the highest points.


  • An exciting adventure game.
  • Complete all levels.
  • New puzzles.
  • Different game environments.
  • Funny memes.
  • Amazing effects.
  • 3D graphics.




Use your mouse to play.

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