Trollface Quest Horror 2 Unblocked

Trollface: Quest Horror 2

Trollface Quest Horror 2 Unblocked

Trollface Quest Horror 2 Unblocked is a very interesting horror game. Click on the objects, and arrange the horror scenes in your own style to complete the levels. Don’t look for logic, there is no logic here. Use your creativity to complete each mission, and have the courage to overcome scary situations. In each level, you must click on objects to progress through the scene. Do something different in each scene and solve all the puzzles. This game includes interesting gameplay and terrifying and funny effects while playing.

About Trollface: Quest Horror 2

Trollface Quest Horror 2 Online is an exciting adventure game that will bring you a lot of enthusiasm. Get ready to take on a new challenge in this second part of the game. This type of game includes a unique game idea based on horror and puzzle elements. Adventure games of this type are able to take you out of your virtual world, to immerse yourself in a terrifying journey between scary creatures and werewolves.

Also, the game features some horror films, such as The Shining, Psycho, and The Little Shop of Horrors. Simple point-and-click action and funny puzzles are the main idea of this game. When you start the game, you will have many levels to complete. Click on the objects and monsters around you and make the scene go as it should. If you solve the puzzle, you will win and move on to a new challenge.

Over time, the missions will become more difficult and you will need to be more creative to manage this. You will also explore various places while playing. For example, you will head to the bedrooms, kitchen, hall, bathrooms, and other places that will be suitable for creating a terrifying atmosphere around you. Trollface Quest Horror 2 was developed by “PPLLAAYY”. However, the game is available online and is supported by other platforms.

How To Play Trollface Quest Horror 2?

Unleash your creativity in creating terrifying cinematic scenes in your own style. Complete missions, solve puzzles, and explore new challenges. Be brave and explore scary places. Click to direct and control the objects around you to complete the level. Just use the mouse and your own style to play.


  • A terrifying puzzle game.
  • Scary and funny creatures.
  • Interesting gameplay.
  • Attractive effects.
  • 3D graphics.
  • Lots of levels.



Release Date

October 2018


Use the mouse to play.

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