Customize BMW I8 Unblocked

Customize BMW I8

Customize BMW I8 Unblocked

Customize BMW I8 Unblocked is a unique simulation game. Where you can design your own luxury car, change the paint and body color, install camellias, etc. This game allows you to use your creativity to design BMW cars yourself. Control the camera perspective so you can reach the part you want to upgrade. Enjoy HD graphics and realistic details while playing.

About Customize BMW I8

Customize BMW I8 Online is a very fun car game. There are many famous car models that some people would like to own one day. Even if you already own a car, you always want to renew it with a more valuable model. If you can’t do this, you can play this game. This tool provides you with your own BMW garage.

In addition to a workshop and maintenance center that allows you to customize many aspects of your vehicle. There is a camera that rotates around the axis of the car to show you all aspects. So you can control many elements and completely change the appearance of the vehicle. For example, change the color of the car, modify the tires, mirrors, and bodywork.

In addition to changing the design, raising the level of ability, and other things. When you’re inside the car, you can tinker with the exterior and get a better view of the seats and dashboard. In addition to the front bar, lighting system, etc. Currently, Customize BMW I8 is available online with support for many platforms, including HTML5.

How To Play?

Unleash your car design skills. Use your creativity to rebuild your own BMW vehicle. Change the paint color, body style, tires, interior trim, dashboard, and other accessories. Make your car look better and personalize all aspects. Just using the mouse you can direct the camera and play.


  • Great customization game.
  • Realistic gameplay.
  • Real details.
  • High-quality graphics.


Use the mouse to play.

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