Unblocked Unblocked is a fun arcade game to have fun. Where you control one of the pendulum carts to collect crystals from the board. A variety of colored crystals and balls were randomly distributed on the board.

The more crystals you eat, the longer the pendulum will be, which will cause more damage to your opponents. You will start playing with a small racket and the size of the racket will gradually increase. The game has great graphics, beautiful effects, and easy control options. Play Brutalio online now through your browser and enjoy the best experience.

About Online is a great entertainment game of the type IO. There are hundreds of io games some of which you may have played before. This type of game is very interesting and fun. Moreover, it includes many different game categories such as arcade, casual, puzzle, and others. Also, this type of game attracts great popularity from people and is favored by millions of players from around the world. For example, you may have played a version of Snakes or Glowballs before.

Brutal io is one of these similar games that will bring you a lot of fun while playing. is developed by Andre Almeida. Now the game is supported by many platforms and you can play online for free. Your main task is to avoid collisions with your opponents. At the same time, collect as many crystals as possible in order to increase the size of the bat. Also, all other vehicles must be destroyed in order to win the game. Start this exciting adventure now and enjoy exploring the different levels of play.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Online?

There is not much to know about how to play The game is easy and familiar to all players and includes simple arcade elements within the gameplay. If you have played snake game before then this game will be very familiar to you. The control options are also very smooth. All you have to do is control the cart with your mouse, touchpad or arrow buttons depending on the operating system you are using.

Explore the map, collect crystals, and eliminate all your rivals. If you can touch another player with your hit, you will destroy them. Also, watch out for the red areas as if you touch them they will be destroyed instantly. Moreover, watch out for the small green triangular shapes that can increase your speed at a time when you don’t want to be fast. Start the challenge now and explore more difficult obstacles and become one of the best players. Also, you can play in multiplayer mode and challenge other opponents from around the world.

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  • Control your little terror and destroy your opponents.
  • Collect crystals to increase the length of the paddle.
  • Watch out for the colored areas.
  • Explore the map.
  • Different playing levels.
  • Stylish designs.
  • Familiar user interface.
  • Easy control.
  • High-quality graphics.