Meat Boy Unblocked

Meat Boy

Meat Boy Unblocked

Meat Boy Unblocked is a very fun classic platformer. Enjoy jumping and overcoming obstacles and traps to reach the princess. There are a series of endless obstacles in different levels of play. Use your jumping and sliding skills to overcome difficult situations and reach the end of each challenge. Complete the missions, save the princess, and enjoy your time. This game includes great cartoon graphics. In addition to attractive audio and visual effects. Start playing online through our website and get the best experience.

Introduce Super Meat Boy

Super Meat Boy Online is one of the wonderful arcade games that will bring you a lot of fun. Many classic arcade games are preferred by many and were among the most popular games on the operating systems available at that time. But with time, the advancement of technology, and a boom in the world of games, it has become possible to regain your memories with such wonderful games, especially flash games.

Therefore, play Super Meat Boy and enjoy the challenge online through your browser. The game was developed by Jonathan McEntee and Edmund McMillen, and the game was published in 2008. Now the game is available in the HTML 5 version for you to enjoy playing online. The story revolves around the small creature known as Meat Boy. His beloved has been kidnapped before his eyes, so he will do everything in his power to get the princess back.

So go through challenging passages through corridors, caves, and platforms. Use your jumping and maneuvering skills to pass the different levels of play. Some maps scroll up as you move and you have to stay above the bottom line. You must make your way through each level and reach your beloved princess at the end.

How To Play?

This game includes a group of various levels that increase in difficulty over time. Each level has a specific map. Design maps yourself and test them. At the same time, collect bandages to open secret characters and chests. Your main task is to avoid crumbling blocks, saw blades, and many other deadly obstacles. There are hundreds of levels waiting for you.


  • Classic arcade game.
  • Gameplay is very entertaining.
  • Hundreds of levels.
  • Bypass traps and obstacles.
  • Save the princess.
  • Amazing pixel graphics.
  • Easy control options.


  • Use the left and right arrow keys to move.
  • Space bar /A to jump.

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