Soccer Heads

Soccer Heads

Soccer Heads Unblocked Free

Soccer Heads Unblocked is a fun and entertaining soccer game. Where you can enjoy hitting the ball with your head in an attempt to get the ball into the opponent’s goal. You will have a full minute to score as many goals as possible. You will explore various playgrounds with different designs and interactions. Play with the most famous European teams and players from the Premier League.

Moreover, choose the game mode you want. Whether you want to play solo or play against your friends or other players from around the world. Through this game, you will enjoy an entertaining and fun game with beautiful graphics and smooth control. In addition to customization features to upgrade balls, players, and courts. Get ready for the exciting match and start playing through our online platform for free.

About Soccer Heads

Soccer Heads Online is a simple and fun sports game that will lead you to unique football matches. Football is the most popular sport in the world, and accordingly, you will find many games that simulate football on different operating systems. These games are often a real simulation of the game and include a gameplay that contains two teams, each team has 11 players, and a regular football match begins to use your skills, dribbles, and kick the ball to score goals. But with Soccer Heads, it’s different. Where the match will be only between 2 players. Besides, you will use your head to play, not your feet.

The players inside the game are designed in a unique and funny way. Your main task is to hit the ball with your head and try to score goals against your opponents. When the game starts you can choose the appropriate game mode. Then support the epic and fun match and beat your opponents and score as many goals as possible. This game is compatible with most devices and contains simple and wonderful graphics and amazing cartoon designs of the characters. In addition to a variety of playgrounds and balls in different shapes. Get ready for the exciting match now and defeat all your opponents.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Soccer Heads Online?

In order to win every game on Soccer Heads, then use your head to hit the ball. Move the player forward or backward to hit the ball accurately. Also, jump and maneuver in order to be able to deceive your opponent. In each match within the game, you will have 60 seconds, during this time you must score as many goals as possible in order to beat your opponent. In each match, the shape of the ball and the field will change.

Also, at the beginning of each game, you can choose the form of the player you like. There are many famous players in the European leagues. Not only take if you can win and exceed the levels of play. Then you can participate in the most powerful leagues around the world. In addition to participating in the Champions League. Soccer Heads contain two main modes of play. For example, play the single-player mode, or you can play the multiplayer mode.


Unique Football Matches

Get ready for exciting and exciting football matches with a unique and creative game idea. Since you don’t need to build an entire team and use complex control options to play regular soccer. Only the two matches will be between 2 players 1 vs 1. And you will hit the ball with your head in order to try to score goals in the opponent’s goal in a certain time. The players are designed in a great way that is suitable for the idea of the game.

Choose The Game Mode

Soccer Heads contain 2 main game modes. In single-player mode, you can play against the computer. You will have 60 seconds to score as many goals as possible. The game includes a multiplayer mode. Where you can invite a friend to join the fun in two-player soccer matches.


One of the most important advantages of the game is the amazing and simple graphic design. Where you will enjoy the effects of real football matches. With uniquely designed characters and stadiums. Plus many stadiums with unique gameplay mechanics. This game includes 2D graphics. In addition to a rich user interface and easy control options. Also, play online without ads and without downloading through our platform.


  • Enjoy unique soccer matches.
  • Hit the ball with your head to insert it into the goal.
  • Score as many goals as possible in each match.
  • Great effects and interactions.
  • Choose the game mode.
  • Beautiful graphics.
  • Easy control.