1 on 1 Soccer

1 on 1 Soccer

1 on 1 Soccer Unblocked

1 on 1 Soccer Unblocked is a simple and very entertaining football game. Enjoy the 2-minute football match and score as many goals as possible against your opponents. Choose the appropriate game mode. You can play against your friend or against the computer. If you can score as many goals as possible, you will win the match and win the championship. Besides, choose from international teams based on your affiliation. This game includes beautiful cartoon graphics and attractive effects while playing. Play 1 on 1 Soccer online now and enjoy the best experience through our website.

About 1 on 1 Soccer

1 on 1 Soccer Online is a wonderful sports game that will lead you to entertaining football matches with your friends. Sports games in general and football in particular are considered among the most popular games on many different operating systems. Although there are games designed with high technology and high-quality graphics. But at the same time, there are some simple games that are considered an ideal way to have fun and have a good time while playing.

One of the most prominent of these games is 1 on 1 Soccer. The game was developed in 2014 by Adam Wardle. Also, the game has been updated at the present time, and you can enjoy playing online with your friends easily. All you have to do is kick the ball to put it into the opponent’s goal and score goals. But before that, you can specify the team you want to play with. Start the exciting match now and defeat all your opponents and become the world champion.

How To Play 1 on 1 Soccer Online?

1 on 1 Soccer 2 Players is considered one of the easiest football games that you can try. The game includes smooth and fun gameplay and fast-paced matches. In addition to very easy control options. All you have to do is use WASD or arrow buttons to control the player’s movement. Kick the ball and put it into the opponent’s goal to achieve the largest possible number of points.

When the match starts, you can choose the mode of playing with a friend 1 vs 1, or you can play against the computer. In addition to choosing your team from among the most famous international teams. Not only that, the characters are designed in a simple and funny style. Moreover, enjoy great sound effects when you score goals.


  • A very fun football game.
  • Play against your friends.
  • Try to score as many goals as possible.
  • Fast-paced match.
  • Funny characters.
  • Wonderful cartoon graphics.
  • Easy control options.

Player 1 Controls

  • Arrow keys

Player 2 Controls

  • WASD keys

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