Subway Clash 3D Unblocked
Subway Clash 3D
Subway Clash 3D Unblocked

Subway Clash 3D

Subway Clash 3D Unbloked

Subway Clash 3D Unblocked is an epic and exciting action game. Where you can immerse yourself in shooting battles from a third-person perspective and fight against gangs and criminals in tunnels and pipes. Explore the metro stations and use your aiming and gesture skills to take on all your enemies.

Use an arsenal of deadly weapons and assault rifles. Explore various maps in many different places. This game includes 3D design, smooth gameplay, and amazing graphics. Start the mission now and enjoy playing online through our platform.

Introduce Subway Clash 3D

Subway Clash 3D Online is one of FPS shooting games that will bring you a lot of excitement. Where you can embark on an exciting challenge to fight against the most dangerous gangs in Russia and complete countless missions. The events of this game take place in the abandoned Mosjo metro station, which is under attack by unknown forces. In this case, some forces will undertake the task of regaining control of the metro station, and you will be one of these individuals.

Where you will play the role of a soldier searching for the perpetrators of the incident, shooting enemies mercilessly. Collect power-ups, upgrade your gun, and use your strategy to manage the battle. Don’t forget to upgrade weapons with more powerful rifles and get bombs, missiles, and everything that can help you. You must go down to the subway and prepare to lead your team in an epic battle and kill as many criminals as possible to put your name on the leaderboard.

Not only that, but you will explore tunnels, pipes, sewer passageways, and other places. Subway Clash 3D was developed by Freeway Interactive – Andrew Panov. Several years ago the game was posted on HTML 5. Plus full support for many different platforms. So that you can play online through your browser.

How To Play?

All shooting games are based on a similar gameplay idea. Especially those games from FPS type. Despite this, each developer uses his creativity to add new touches and ideas to the game. Therefore, you will enjoy exciting events, diverse maps, and an unparalleled arsenal of weapons while playing. Moreover, the gameplay includes easy and familiar control options for everyone. In addition to main game modes. All you have to do is lead the campaign with your team in an attempt to regain control of the metro station. So unleash your skill in shooting and maneuvers to destroy all your enemies and get the largest possible amount of rewards and points at the end of each mission.



One of the most important features of Subway Clash Remastered is the amazing weapons system within the game. Where you can use AK47, SMG, assault rifles, snipers, and machine guns. Not only that, but use rocket launchers, bombs, and even daggers, and always look to develop your weapons during battle.


This game includes the amazing creative design of the game maps. Therefore, you will explore new places in metro stations, tubes, warehouses, tunnels, maintenance places, and other wonderful maps. The difficulty of the task will also gradually increase as you move on to a new challenge.


Each shooting game has its own distinctive style of graphics. So you will enjoy the amazing design, realistic details, and great gameplay while playing. In addition to 3D graphics and wonderful views around you. Also, enjoy amazing audio and visual effects during combat.


  • Epic FPS game.
  • Join a team in fierce battles.
  • Kill gangs and criminals.
  • Various maps.
  • Powerful arsenal of weapons.
  • New places.
  • Upgrades.
  • 3D graphics.


  • Arrow key or WASD to move.
  • Space bar to jump.
  • LMB to shoot.
  • RMB to aim.
  • TAB to score table.
  • C to crouch.

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