Tactical Assassin Unblocked
Tactical Assassin
Tactical Assassin Unblocked

Tactical Assassin

Tactical Assassin Unblocked

Tactical Assassin Unblocked is an exciting and fun shooting game. Indulge yourself in dangerous assassination missions and target your targets with precision to complete the levels. Snipe your targets in different gaming environments to get points and achievements and gain the satisfaction of your leader.

You will play the role of a professional assassin who is assigned different missions to complete. Gradually you will explore new places and more difficult goals to achieve. This game includes great graphics and easy and entertaining gameplay. Enjoy playing online through our platform and get the best experience.

About Tactical Assassin

Tactical Assassin Online is one of the shooting games that will bring you a lot of fun while playing. Classic sniper games are among the most loved games by millions of players at all times. Currently, developers and companies are competing to develop these games with new features and technologies to impress everyone. Accordingly, you will find hundreds of shooting games that will change your mood and make you addictive to playing every day.

One of the most prominent of these games is Tactical Assassin. Which was developed by Simon Hason. Also, the game is available in the HTML 5 version and is supported by many platforms. This game is based on realistic shooting and gestures. In addition to a variety of long-range assault and sniper rifles. Your main task is to target a group of people or targets in each level to eliminate them.

Use your combat tactics and maneuvers to shoot your target accurately. There are 21 different missions to complete. Explore different gaming environments in new places. Track your statistics and try to improve your results in each challenge. Gradually you will be assigned more difficult tasks and you will need to be more focused. Start your new adventure in the world of gangs and enjoy your time.

How To Play?

If you want to experience a very entertaining and exciting shooting game. Then Tactical Assassin is the solution. This game includes smooth gameplay and intuitive control options. In addition to amazing realistic details while playing. When you start your mission you will be assigned different targets to eliminate. So use a variety of powerful weapons and sniper rifles. Your target can be one or more people in each challenge. Complete all the missions, get the highest points, and track your statistics and achievements.


  • A very entertaining sniper game.
  • Play the role of a professional assassin.
  • 21 missions to complete.
  • Powerful sniper rifles.
  • Different gaming environments.
  • New sites.
  • Great graphics.
  • Easy control options.


  • Use the up arrow key to check the briefing.
  • Use down arrow key to start the mission.
  • Left mouse button to shoot.
  • Mouse cursor to aim.

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