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Sift Heads
Sift Heads

Sift Heads

Sift Heads Unblocked

Sift Heads Unblocked is a fun arcade game that will lead you on an epic mission to fight against mafia men and stickmen. This game includes a group of characters who have different abilities. Select the character and training for the task that will be assigned to you. You must remain steady and shoot your enemies.

Try not to fall or get ahead of the task. Find the beginning of each challenge and use different types of skills and weapons. This game includes easy control options and a wonderful text dialogue style. Play Sift Heads online through our website and enjoy the best experience.

About Sift Heads

Sift Heads Online is a wonderful action role-playing game that is considered one of the fun stickman games. Stickman games are simple games that include fun adventures, epic battles, and different ideas based on each game. In addition, stickman games are considered one of the most popular games and have great popularity around the world, and are preferred by millions of players. One of the most prominent of these games is Sift Heads.

The game was developed by Pyrozen. After that, the game became available online and is supported by many platforms, and you can easily play through your browser. Your main task in the game is to complete every challenge and every task you are assigned. You will work for a gang and will be assigned shooting and fighting missions. Besides, practice each task and master more methods and abilities.

There are 3 main characters within the game: Shorty, Vinnie, and Kiro. Each character has different skills from the other. For example, you can enjoy samurai sword-fighting battles when you play as Kiro. Carry your weapon, aim at your enemies, and try to survive. Also, you should look for the next path at the end of each challenge to continue the mission. Start this epic adventure now and enjoy playing.

How To Play Sift Heads Online?

Sift Heads Online includes control options that are easy and familiar to all players. Where you can use the mouse and some other main and simple control buttons that we will mention below. Also, the game includes a text style of dialogue so that you can know the instructions before each mission. Interact with the main characters and practice carrying weapons and aiming. If you can pass the level and find the path, your mission will succeed and you can move on to a new challenge. Start playing now and see how far you will progress.


  • Amazing stickman game.
  • Epic shooting battles.
  • Complete the missions without getting hurt.
  • Kill all opponents.
  • Explore different mission paths.
  • Simple graphics.
  • Easy control options.


  • Space bar to get your weapon.
  • Left-click to action/shoot.
  • Q button to switch quality.
  • R button to reload.

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