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The Visitor Unblocked

The Visitor Unblocked is one of the fun and unique puzzle games. There is a small being that came from space and wants to invade Earth. Guide the alien parasite through his new earthly surroundings in this adventure game and try to help him complete his mission. Eat everything in your way, such as vegetables, fruits, and small insects, until you grow in size.

Also, everything in the image can interact with you by clicking on it. Don’t forget to solve the puzzle in each picture until you move on to the next task. This game includes wonderful cartoon graphics, amazing effects, and very fun gameplay. Play The Visitor online through our website and enjoy the best experience.

About The Visitor Game

The Visitor Game Online is a fun action game that will lead you to the most difficult puzzles and challenges. Most people love puzzle games and have a good time playing such games. Puzzle games help you relax, enhance mental abilities, develop your intelligence and concentration, and many other benefits. Not to mention that each game includes fun and different gameplay that can cause you to become addicted to playing. Accordingly, every developer tries to create new games with creative ideas to attract players.

One of the most prominent of these games is The Visitor. Which is a wonderful combination of adventure, action, and puzzle games. The game was developed by Zeebarf (Jay Ziebarth) and published in 2007. Currently, the game is available online on all platforms, and you can enjoy playing through your browser easily. The story revolves around a hungry parasitic creature that came from a strange world and wants to invade the Earth and eat all creatures.

Help this creature eat food and double its size. At the same time, you must solve the puzzle in order to move to the next level. The Visitor includes an interactive, clickable environment with lots of elements on the screen. You must solve the puzzle and eat as much food as possible in each mission. Start playing now and enjoy this unique adventure.

Gameplay Video

How To Play The Visitor Game Online?

This game is considered a fun puzzle game that will lead you to a unique adventure. Despite this, The Visitor is a simple game and includes very easy control options. Where you can control the game by using the mouse or touch screen. Not only that, but anything you click on the screen will interact with you. There are objects and elements that have other uses for solving puzzles.

At the beginning of the game, you will find the worm on one of the fallen tree branches in the water. So you should try to bring the worm into the house! On your way, you pass traps, solve puzzles, and eat all the food and fruits. This game will bring you a lot of fun. But you must focus so as not to lose. Explore the different levels of play and use skills to overcome all obstacles and achieve victory.


  • Unique puzzle game.
  • An interesting adventure.
  • An interactive environment around you.
  • Eat everything your way.
  • Avoid obstacles and traps.
  • Solve all puzzles.
  • Explore different gameplay levels.
  • Amazing graphics.
  • Very easy control.