Tiles of the Simpsons Unblocked

Tiles of the Simpsons

Tiles of the Simpsons Unblocked

Tiles of the Simpsons Unblocked is a very fun puzzle game. Enjoy the wonderful tile matching game with a unique and interesting style. This game includes symbols and characters from The Simpson’s famous cartoon, which is loved by millions around the world. Your main task is to match similar tiles to remove them from the board and get the highest score. Enjoy a familiar user interface and easy control options. You can start playing online through our platform and get the best experience.

About Tiles of the Simpsons

Tiles of the Simpsons Online is one of the unique Mahjong games that will bring you a lot of fun. I think many of us have heard before about the cartoon series The Simpsons. It is considered of the most famous cartoon works in the United States and the world. Moreover, many developers have inspired many games that include characters and themes from this wonderful cartoon.

Tiles of the Simpsons is one of these games. Where you can enjoy solving puzzles and symbols related to familiar characters such as Homer, Bart, Lisa, and others. This game was developed by Matt Groening, as the game is available on HTML 5 so you can easily play it online. When you start playing you will find an intuitive user interface with very fun gameplay elements.

The main goal is to match different items to remove them from the board and get scores. Remove two or more pieces horizontally or horizontally, but they must be parallel. If you can remove all the tiles before time runs out, you will win and you can move on to a new challenge.

How To Play?

This game is a familiar game that does not require much explanation. It is not much different from regular Mahjong games. Your main mission is to match similar tiles and symbols so that they are automatically removed from the board. You must remove all the symbols before time runs out in order to get the highest score.


  • Unique puzzle game.
  • Familiar symbols.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Easy control options.


Use the mouse to play.

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