Bank Robbery Unblocked

Bank Robbery

Bank Robbery Unblocked

Bank Robbery Unblocked is a first-person shooter game. Immerse yourself in an epic mission to rob banks and shoot security personnel and FBI police. Use your tactics to escape from the predicament and dodge the gunshots around you. Use your aiming and maneuvering skills to control every bank and plunder all the money. There are many assault rifles and machine guns that you can switch between. Also, this game features smooth gameplay, 3D graphics, and various maps to explore.

Introduce Bank Robbery

Bank Robbery Online is one of the epic FPS games that you will love to try. This is the first part of this wonderful series that has won the admiration of many action game fans. The game’s events revolve around a group of criminals and thieves who wear ridiculous masks and rob banks and exchange houses to steal money. Unfortunately, their matter is exposed, and the security forces move to the scene of the events, and epic battles begin between the two parties.

You will play the role of a professional thief, and you will lead your gang to shoot everything that moves around you. Earn money by completing missions and equipping yourself with better weapons. Also, summon more individuals to your team and develop your abilities to become one of the most powerful bank robbery gangs. It depends on your shooting and bullet-dodging skills.

Explore buildings, rooms, and offices. Set up ambushes and blow up all your enemies. Try to reach the main vault to get the loot. Bank Robbery features familiar gameplay and intuitive control options. As well as the game was developed by Justaliendev. Moreover, you will enjoy playing on many online platforms, including desktop and HTML5.

How To Play Bank Robbery?

You can immerse yourself in battles directly as soon as you enter the game. Bank Robbery includes control options familiar to all fans of shooting games. Where you can move using the arrow keys or WASD keys. While you can direct and shoot using the mouse.

Your main mission is to shoot FBI men and escape from difficult situations. It would help if you were not arrested to complete the following missions. Don’t forget to upgrade your guns, buy stronger weapons, and summon more criminals, and add them to your team.


One of the most important features of the game is the distinguished weapon system, which includes many powerful weapons. For example, you can switch between pistols, sniper rifles, assault rifles, and machine guns. Not only that, but use upgrades to unlock more guns and constantly improve your weapons. So you can immerse yourself in new challenges and epic armed robberies.


  • It’s a very exciting action game.
  • Various maps to explore.
  • Powerful weapons.
  • Comfortable gameplay.
  • Familiar control options.
  • Great graphics.



Release Date

February 2022


  1. Use WASD to move around.
  2. Mouse wheel to change weapons.
  3. Right-click to iron sight.
  4. Left-click to shoot.
  5. Shift to run.
  6. Space to jump.
  7. E to pick up a weapon.
  8. C to crouch.

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